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  1. I have an on going issue with Evernote that is likely easier to fix than I realize, but haven't gotten there yet. 1. I use Evernote - both web and app on and IPad, IPhone and Mac. 2. I recently updated an important (to me) ever growing note while on the iPad 3. Opened it when on the computer, and it didn't synch -- learned I had to manually do that. 4. Before I manually synched from the iPad -- I went from both memory and jotted handwritten notes everything that I could recall from the iPad update "just in case." 5. Then I fired up the IPad, eventually, and I synched ... and it over-wrote all that I did on the computer -- or it disappeared, it is somewhere and not telling me, it hates me 6. I decided to click the I for information on the note to make sure my settings were correct 7. And I find the note that I am speaking of was created when I was 3 years old -- and that's cute... but alas, incorrect. 8. How in the world do you change the setting so that the information is correct? 9. If my content from #4 of this list is, in fact, hiding somewhere and you may know where it is, please be kind enough to tell me. 10. I promise I hadn't had a sip of anything prior to this but I will be sipping in 5,4,3,2 ... Thank you for whatever insights you may have.
  2. When on flights and attempting to access my EN on the iPad, some of my material is there -- business as usual, many are not available. Is there a simple fix/setting that I need to consider? Thank you in advance.
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