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  1. Hi, Creating a PDF document –that is, scanning multiple pages of the same document with Scannable– the app makes some of the pages blue. The text is there, it’s just that instead of being black text on white background, it’s black text on some blu-ish background. Any way to fix this? Thanks! P.
  2. Hi, I’ve uploaded a paper in Evernote and I’m waiting for it to perform OCR so I can search the document. I have a Premium account. The paper has been uploaded a week ago, and Evernote still is unable to search the document (which is composed of scanned images of text). Is there something I must do to make it work? Thanks a lot, P.
  3. Not yet, but will do and report back if it crashes again. Thanks.
  4. I started using Evernote Web Clipper a few days ago and already noticed three instance when the activation of the clipper caused Chrome to crash (it quits completely, and it needs to be relaunched). Will be glad to provide logs if someone can told me exactly how to retrieved them. OSX 10.10.2 (14C109) Chrome 40.0.2214.94 (64-bit) This happened with Clipper version 6.2.6 Thanks.
  5. What about tapping into the RSS feature of an Evernote notebook? If I understand correctly, when a notebook is shared publicly, it gets a RSS feed. IFTTT could be used to automatically send an email when a new items is added to the notebook. If I share the notebook with only one user, does the notebook get an RSS feed as well. I did some research and there was a prototype of an app once –a hack rally– which was called Squirrel and which was design to do just that (make newsletter out of Evernote notebooks). Unfortunately, it does not seem to have come to completion. Many thanks for your feedback.
  6. Hi, So I curate links on a daily basis into a single, shared notebook. I go through a bunch of links I gathered through various means, chose to open some of them, and then webclip them w/ tags, comments, etc. to a specific Evernote notebook which is shared with one person. The objective of this effort is double: to archive relevant documents, and to share them at the same time. I add links daily. I was wondering how the notification system works? Does the person receive an email notification each and every time a single link is added? Would it be possible to set up a notification system that would send an email with a summary of what has changed in the notebook during the day, or the week (I’m thinking of using IFTTT for this). Any ideas, tips, will be appreciated. Thanks!
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