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  1. @Kirkus While I hope your issue is solved, I strongly urge you to use a real password manager app for storing passwords. A real password manager app will have proper encryption and security, as well as cross-device compatibility and auto-filling. You should even store your Evernote password in a password manager app. Check out 1Password from AgileBits.
  2. I was able to solve my problem by manually performing a search re-indexing on my Mac app. Here are the instructions. Click on the post below for screenshots if you need more help. However it's disappointing that there was not more communication from Evernote about such a severe issue.
  3. I am also having problems with search since updating to 6.13.3. I enter a keyword that I know yielded correct results in previous versions of the app, and now it doesn't return any results. If I enter the same search keyword in the web app (evernote.com), I see the correct results. Definitely something broken with search the 6.13.3 Mac upgrade. I can no longer trust the search results in the Mac app, so I've stopped using it and am only using the web app now. Keep in mind, I depend on search results, or the absence of search results, as important information. For example, I search the Evernote Mac app for the title of an important document from years ago. If I find no search results, I assume that I never uploaded the document to Evernote. So now I waste time searching in other locations for this document, or for a paper backup. I would have wasted even more time were I not suspicious of a bug and searched the Evernote web app.
  4. Is there any update on this? It's been over 5 years since the original question, and PDF zoom level is still very much an annoyance
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