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  1. On 7/4/2016 at 4:58 AM, Michael808 said:

    So now I can only sync TWO DEVICES WITH A FREE ACCOUNT???  Last straw for me. 

    You already stopped my ability to email notes......now limiting my device access.......or pay $7.99/mo??????

    You'll obviously keep cancelling functions so now I'm done period, even free.

    Anyone else??

    Moaning and whining about being deprived of all the things you were getting for free. It's quite pathetic to listen to all the bleating.

    It's a fair assumption that all of you are either employed or business owners. How much of your work do you do for free? How many of your businesses exist simply to keep an unappreciative public satisfied while not generating any income?

    Hang on while I count them on no fingers...

    Businesses change, business models evolve and freeloaders move on. 

    Good luck with OneNote - and thank you @gazumped for keeping calm amidst the chaos.


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