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  1. I tried removing all extension and keep only Evernote web clipper - didn't helped. Then I tried creating new Firefox profile and under this, Evernote addon started working. Then I switched back to my default profile and in process lost all my opened tabs (not intentionally). But after this, Evernote web clipper started working under my old profile with all extensions enabled… So… Could the big amount of opened tabs (cca 100) in many groups be the problem? It was only difference I noticed.
  2. OK, I'll try to find what extension(s) could be problematic, if any.
  3. Mac OS X 10.6, Firefox 35, installed this version of Evernote Web clipper web_clipper_FF-Decmber-10.xpi anf Firefox become completely unresposive - only solution was manualy delete extension file from my profile.
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