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  1. Since I couldn't find any documentation of a new Evernote install downloading NOTHING (documentation was all about update syncing problems), and I had just downloaded Evernote and nothing had happened on it, this is not what I would expect would fix the problem, but it turned out to be what did the trick. I moved the Evernote app and the Evernote folder in Library->Application Support to the trash, restarted my computer, downloaded Evernote again, and as soon as I logged in the Evernote app, all my notes downloaded. Weird. But thanks for answering my post.
  2. I just installed Evernote on a MacBook Pro that has never had Evernote on it. The application installation went fine, but it will not sync at all. Nothing. There is a red exclamation point on the sync icon. The activity log keeps coming up with this every time it tries to sync: FindNotesToDownloadUsingBackgroundTransfers:] | Starting all operations 2017/08/31 21:56:23:097 I|* 40275 -[ENCacheManager fetchNextBatchOfDownloadOperationsUsingBackgroundTransfers:]_block_invoke | Processing 0 notes 2017/08/31 21:56:23:614 I|* 40555 -[ENCacheManager stop] | self=<ENCacheManager: 0x7fc31be51b70> Any ideas? I've tried all kinds of web searches but haven't been able to find a problem where it won't even sync at all from the very beginning.
  3. The loss of the note cards is huge. With the two columns of note cards, it was easy to quickly scroll through my notes to find what I wanted. This new layout is AWFUL! The screen is hogged up by just a few notes. I would like to have the ability to scan by note cards again; it's much quicker and easier on the eyes, too, than this new layout.
  4. The new interface is utterly awful! It is hard to read both in layout and color scheme. In the tool bar, the icons are so tiny and thin, and gray on gray, making them annoying and difficult to see. The notebooks, which used to be an easy to see color, are now hard-on-the-eyes gray on gray...horribly ugly on top of being hard on the eyes. Everything on the left column is gray on gray...hard to see. There is not enough contrast in the notes area either. What is the deal with making everything harder and harder to see? What is the deal with increasing eye strain? What is the deal with removing all color? Remember how Mac people used to hate how dull and gray Windows was? I'm one of those Mac people. The weird thing is that now all the Mac programs are going to this hideous, dull, and hard to read design. Please stop the madness. Bring back colors, contrast, and stop with the squiggly pencil line icons. It's awful.
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