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  1. The beta function "code block" is great, but it will be destroyed using "simplify formatting". I want it to be kept in the "simply formatting", as with "table" and "bullet list".
  2. I'm not a Chrome fan---too much spyware and tracking junk. Tried this in Safari, but no "Print" option appears in the right click (Control + click) menu. Drats. Would reeeeeally love to see the problem fixed, rather than users having to continue searching for bandaids. In safari it's even easier to print. Use [File]->[Print] from the top-left menu, or COMMAND+P keyboard shortcut to print. try doing it after selecting or deselecting the content.
  3. +1 for gazumped's advice to print from web. On my Mac running Google Chrome, selecting all the content WITHIN the note and right-click "print" will give a relatively small margin -- and it prints only the content (the part that you select): no title, no username, no evernote log. This helps me a lot. I hope it helps you as well.
  4. I have the same problem. I use bulleted list heavily and this almost killed me-- I emailed the support people and hope we got an solution, or a update to fix this bug.
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