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  1. Can you access Evernote's chat feature? I found them very helpful when I lost vital notes last summer. Of course, I had to sign up for a paid version of Evernote, but it was worth it to get my notes back! I hope you have success in contacting them!
  2. I've used it on both my desktop (Linux) and my laptop (Windows 10 with Word), with both the Web and the downloaded version. Same problem with all, mostly on lengthy notes.
  3. I contacted Evernote help. They asked me to send some screen shots of what I was experiencing. After several days, they replied that they were looking into this formatting issue--it obviously is something from their end. One thing I discovered: this only happened when my note became extended. It didn't seem to happen with new notes.
  4. I didn't log in with a different device. I lost the content of a single note. It looks like if I subscribe for a single month, I can't have back access. Unless there is another way to find the lost notes, I'll have to subscribe for the entire year.
  5. I didn't create a new account. One set of notes was just wiped clean. I don't even know what I hit on my computer. All my notes in one file just disappeared and they're not in the trash.
  6. I lost my notes -- but they're not in the trash. My bibliography note file was wiped absolutely clean. I tried Control Z but nothing came back -- and I don't even know what I did to make them disappear. HELPPPPPP!!!
  7. I, too, have this problem of only uppercase letters when I write a new note. If I start on a current line that's not all uppercase, it's fine. I just then hit Enter to go down a line and continue with normal notes. However, it's most annoying! Did you find a solution?
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