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  1. Hello! While I'm very new to Evernote- and loving it!- I'm a bit surprised to find no Calendar within the application, or the ability to sync our own Calendars. I've done a search within the threads and I couldn't find any talk of a Calendar being added to Evernote any time soon- just a lot of talk by people wanting some sort of Calendar within the app or the ability to use their existing calendar with Evernote. Before I created my account with Evernote I was using Reminders and iCal on my Mac. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have everything in one place now. My only struggle is not being able to incorporate dates, times, and locations within Evernote (also, the option to set more than one reminder in a note). I would absolutely love to be able to take notes in Evernote and have something like a double click option to add it to my iCal, or visa versa. If this suggestion has already been made, please direct me to the tread because I'd love to hear what people think!
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