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  1. Jefito: I created the note in Scannable, which means for it to appear in my iPhone Evernote app (which it does), it has to have uploaded to the server. Actually, I tried reverting to the old version of the web client, and the note is there. Which means that it's an issue with the Beta app not showing the note for some reason. So perhaps the Web beta is not properly refreshing/accessing my data on the note database.
  2. It's been a full day and the note is still not accessible in Evernote Web.
  3. Any ideas? This is starting to make Evernote unusable for me. There's currently a note that I created in scannable 27 minutes ago that is in my iPhone Evernote but won't appear in Web. EDIT: It's been 6 hours and that note has still not appeared in Evernote Web.
  4. Notes created in any client (mobile, desktop, Scannable, or web) show up immediately in the desktop or mobile clients, but don't show up in the notes list for at least 10 minutes in the web app. Even if I create a new note in the web app, it doesn't show in the list in the web app, but it will show up in the desktop app.
  5. So my scan has showed up in Evernote Web now. It turns out that even if I create a new note in Evernote Web, it doesn't show up in the list of notes. It looks like there's a long delay with new notes showing up in Evernote Web for some reason.
  6. Isn't the Scannable app uploading directly to Evernote's servers? It shouldn't be uploading from the Evernote iPhone app.
  7. I scanned two documents with Scannable, then uploaded to Evernote from the Scannable app. If I open Evernote on my iPhone, I can see the document, but I cannot find the document in Evernote Web. Even when I search, nothing comes up.
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