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  1. Granted, however being a good puppy I have been well trained that shortcuts and recent notes are two separate categories listed separately under the sidebar options where notebooks are also arguably shortcuts with their own separate little heading and toggle which reveals all the links to the notebooks. Also under the shortcuts heading recent notes has it's own personal separate heading. Just like notebooks does except notebooks is an upper level shortcut category not nested under shortcuts and is therefore highly visible. I don't see recent notes unless I have the inspiration to toggle sho
  2. I have the same identical problem with not having the option to display recent notes. This is very frustrating, I had it before now it is gone. Don't know when, know it's been a while and I just now decided to see if there was a solution. Does anyone know why this is? Actually I just found "recent notes" under "shortcuts" there are "shortcuts" and "recent notes" if the label is toggled. Ug...stupid. Why put recent notes under shortcuts when it is still called recent notes and is a separate grouping. Not linear, not logical, not good.
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