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  1. Hi Thank you JMichael for a detailed answer, and to lykoz yes individual notes should you be able to get through OS X spotlight. Concerning OCR what I mean is photos containing text and the photo is taken in either directly (say on a smartphone with Evernote) or indirectly from any camera as jpg and then imported to Evernote. The photo is then processed by Evernote central OCR-engines and after that text in the photo can ber searched from within Evernote normal search engine that works on headline, tags, text in notes, and as well on text in images. Thus I have so far not talked about PDFs that are attached to a note in Evernote. Before I ran Evernote 5.5 (or perhaps 5.6) and could easily by Spotlight find text identified in images in a similar way as I can in Evernotes search engine. On my own Mac I run Maverick. I have just configured a brand new MBP running Yousemite and the same problem with Evernote there. After upgrading Evernote to 6.0.5 the possibility I have the same capability to search from within Evernote as before. I can also search in Spotlight from outside Evernote almost as before. Problem is only that those words identified in images with Evernotes central OCR does not show up from Spotlight as they do from inside Evernote search. So my questions is whether this limitation of functionality is a bug or a change policy from Evernote so that you need to buy Premium version now for what you had for free in version 5.x. I understand that adding PDF with OCR-identified words belonging to the PDF require Premium version - and that is not my complain. Jan Peter
  2. Hi I am new in this forum and could not find a better place for this troubleshooting question. I run Evernote since many years mainly on Mac (but certain period also on PC) and very happy with it. My question is around searching using OS X Spotlight which usually find text in Evernotes notes headline as well as text. If the note also contain a photo with text and the text is successfully identified with Evernotes excellent central OCR software also the text found in the photos have so far been available for Mac OS X Spotlight. I just upgraded from ver 5.x to ver 6.0.5 for Evernote and I run on OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks. Under ver 5 I could find in Spotlight words identified with OCR but after upgrade I cannot find them with Spotlight. I can find other text in Evernote from Spotlight however. A further clue is that OCR identified text can be searched within Evernote without problem. I have tried a new note with OCR-identification and also some older notes and both show the same problem. I have difficulty to believe that in ver 6 the interaction between Evernote and Mac Sportlight should be limited and that you many need some premium license to activate this, but if so let me know. I tend to believe it is something related to interaction between Mac OS X and Evernote. Have tried some trick related to recover Mac OS X Spoltlight indexing but did not help. I have also exactly the same problem on an newly installed laptop with OX X 10.10.1 Yousemite. Appreciate some help Jan Peter
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