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  1. This new list view for a large amount of notebooks I have to say is horrendous. Please, please, please bring back the grid view Evernote team. I've been an avid EV user & promoter for years now but this change is just highly surprisingly not very user friendly. Please VOTE to bring notebook grid view back EV community
  2. I'm not really appreciating the hostile sarcastic tone of your responses. If you can't help then don't respond! I don't know what on earth your talking about Evernote Plant…'dictate'?? No need to go off on different tangents people! I'm asking how to either reduce a file size or how to make attachments visible in Evernote!!
  3. Thanks for replying. It's only shared with the individual so not sure how there is a security risk unless Evernote itself isn't a secure app for private info, please elaborate. Yes they do need to see whats in it. Here is an example. https://www.evernote.com/l/ASG-RVsO2TZNWKY-Ktm1puz2med9VhthZcs
  4. How do I ensure that each attachment I add that's in PDF format can be instantly seen the same way as Jpegs can? Or is there an easy way to convert & save images at a reduced size (I use Adobe suit but doing things via photoshop image reduction is far too time consuming!) I am on the free version & I am trying to use Evernote as a way to share Fitness Assessment results but people cannot see the PDF's and some Android users are prompted to download an extra app to view the PDF but that, then, does not either! I previously added them as Jpegs but they take up far too much space that way, any suggestions please??
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