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  1. The lighter UI and light gray more Mac 10.10 centric icons have made the whole UI of Evernote more snow blinding then in the past. I work in a semi dark office and the screen is glowing when I use Evernote. I am finding it hard to use now for long periods of time since I have updated to 6.0.5 app store version. I know.. strange since the background has been white all along. I don't have a problem in 5.7.1 on my other machine. I believe it is because the background on the notes used to be a dark gray and the recent notes list was gray with alternating grays per line. Also the UI was gray around the note. Subtly all of this helped dim the screen somewhat. Now the whole UI across the board has drastically gotten brighter(white) and in the process made it difficult to use for long periods of time without straining my eyes. This is a usability problem that really needs to be adressed. User defined background color would help reduce this strain. Its more of a user fix to a bigger UI design issue that needs to be backed out or resolved though.
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