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  1. That is such a bummer, but thank you for your reply. Not sure if your answer also applied to my second question - is it possible to easily search for multiple tags in the new version, and if so, how? It was extremely intuitive and easy in the original version, and I used it all the time. If not, will this function be added back, and if so, when? This one is a dealbreaker for continuing with Evernote at all (as I can't count on the old version being supported forever), so I'd like to know if I need to find another program or not.
  2. ...and now I can't figure out how to search for multiple tags in the new version. Please tell me this is possible...
  3. Uh oh... I also just noticed that all my organization for tags has been completely deleted in the new version, replaced with alpaphabetization. I guess my question is... really?? This took me so long to set up and I was very pleased with it. Is there any way to get my organization back without reverting to the old version? Another important question - in the future, can we trust Evernote to preserve the work we've put into customizing it to fit our needs (based on the capabilities of one version, which I used as they were intended), or will there be more changes that undo our work and turn our carefully organized systems into a mess?
  4. Ok, got it thanks. If you have a projected date for stack support, I'm sure we'd all love to know In the meantime I'll use the desktop version or revert to the old version to manage and create stacks.
  5. Thanks Nancy. Confused about your note on how to move a notebook (I assume "note" was an error, as notebooks go in stacks, not notes) to a stack: "Supported via notebook dropdown in the upper left corner of the edit note toolbar". When I'm in edit-note mode, I see the notebook dropdown in the upper-left corner, but I don't see how to move a notebook to a stack. Right-clicking anything in the dropdown just brings up the "Save page as" menu, and attempting to drag and drop a notebook doesn't work. This is true in Firefox and Chrome.
  6. No stacks yet? It's been months - it's killing me to have spent so much time learning and setting up Evernote, and now a key feature has suddenly disappeared and messed up all my organization. Are we going to get stacks back, and if so, when?
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