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  1. Yes, I am using the Premium version. Context doesn't show on any of my devices quite frankly. I just started using Evernote a couple of days ago so I'll give it some time to see if it "kicks in." Thanks for the replies.
  2. If you scroll to the bottom of your note... Often you will see context... Its actually not really invasive at all.. Dont know why people are complaining about "pop-ups". Yeah, nada at the bottom of the notes. It has to be Operator Error somehow. Or maybe I just don't take notes about interesting and timely things. :-)
  3. I'm reading where people are irritated by the popups with Context. I'd like to be irritated as I enabled the Wall Street Journal Context and I receive nothing from WSJ nor any Context information. I've connected to the Context sources, enabled them, etc. Any suggestions? This is for Evernote for Mac. TIA.
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