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  1. So: using the Web Clipper I go through the title menu from top to bottom.

    1. check user

    2. what do I clip

    3. where do I clip

    4. add label/note

    5. options if any

    and then I have to go back up to the top of the menu for the 'save' button.

    Would it not be more logically - and staying in the same flow - to have the save button located at the bottom?

    Many many apps and programs have their save/decline/accept - buttons also at the bottom of the menu/window/screen,

    for obvious reasons - (exactly like my next button [SUBMIT IDEA]


    Schermafbeelding 2018-01-30 om 10.03.48.png

  2. I also would like the option to include the originating URL with anything I clip from the browser. I'm envisioning something simple like having a checkbox in the web clipper panel with a label like "Also include URL" (see attached sketch), or including the URL could just happen automatically.

    This is iOS8 /iPad - mailing the url to EverNote is an option but not preferable to the above since now I have separate entries I need to merge. I understand Chrome can, so why not Safari?

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