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  1. Funny enough, it doesn't happen IE10. The site also seems to run a lot smoother. I've disabled Disconnect, Poper Blocker and Adblock Plus and the issue persists.
  2. Yes, of course. My notes are actually loading, and the whole main interface is usable, unlike I said before. What /does/ happen though, is that the whole thing freezes as soon as an item from the account menu is clicked (Settings, Market, Premium...). I don't have a lot of notes at all, most are short texts. I'm running the latest Chrome version on Windows 8.1. I guess hardware specs wouldn't matter?
  3. Originally, I only went to the Evernote site to download the client. Now, after opting in to the beta, the whole site has become unusable. The Web Beta hangs as soon as a menu item is clicked. This includes Settings, meaning I can't revert to the stable release. Any help?
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