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  1. Interesting idea! It may be a reasonable solution to my needs. By the way, where is a local notebook stored on the Windows computer, so I can set up an automatic backup?
  2. Is there a way to exclude a notebook from synchronizing with Android app? In other words, I do not want some notebooks to be visible on my device at all (so there should not be even option to hide/unhide a notebook on the device itself). It is dangerous for business, health or even life to store some sort of notes on the phone. PIN code is not an option, because I may be forced to enter it. As a temporary solution, I have tried to rename a notebook and put it in the group, so it will not be easily detected in the list, but "All Notes" screen reveals the notes, and "Notebooks" screen shows "Recent Notebooks" section with the notebook, so this sort of "hiding" has no sense. I have tried to move the "very personal" notebooks to another account, but then it is very inconvenient to use a web clipper, as I have to relogin all the time. Am I missing something? Really, a phone can get to wrong hands very easily.
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