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  1. Hi @Theresa Pittappilly, I'm using the version Thanks, Edu
  2. Well, finally I fixed the problem by Cutting and Pasting all text in the note from Evernote Web. I don't know If cutting and Pasting in Evernote Android fixes the color issue. Thanks a lot for the help @gazumped
  3. Hi, The note has only plain text. That's why I think it's a bug. I don't know how to submit a bug to Evernote Team, so I posted it here. Both screenshots are from the same note. You can see that in the first screenshot the cursor is in the middle of screen, because the text is there, but in white color.
  4. Hi, Today a friend of mine created a new Notebook with only one Note with this iPhone 6 and Evernote App and shared all this to me. When I opened the note in my Android Nexus4 (Android v5.0.1) i see the note with white background and text, so i don't see the text until I select it. I've attached two screen captures to show the problem. Hope this can help to fig this bug. Thanks a lot, Edu White background and text: Selected text:
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