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  1. Thank you for your posts. Frankly, when I posted I was venting a little because of my frustration but I am serious about this post. There are a few things I want to address in reponse to the reply messages: Fist, the title of my post is wrong. I am using EN Business not Premium. I have been using EN for about a year and on a more intensified basis the past 6 months. I have only recently started to use EN Business and I have been trying to convert what I have been doing personally with EN so that my company can also use it like I do and we can share information. I noticed that nobody has posted that the concerns that I have with EN are not legitimate. What I am worried about is if I cannot do simple tasks like sharing a stack, what other problems am I going to have trying to make EN Business work with the company. I personally will continue to use it because it works well for me on a personal level but from a business standpoint I am wondering if it is actually useful or not. If I am not using EN Business correctly for my business and there are other better ways to use it, I would be interested in hearing it. My company has 8 employees. I setup a notebook for some of the clients my company provides service for. In each of the client notebooks, I have been seting up individual notes for purposes of tracking telephone calls, emails, meetings, voicemails and other similar notes. I simply want my other employees to have the same setup as I do. First, I tried to move my "personal" stack to the new "business" section as a new stack. Nope, you cannot share stacks. Second, I tried to move my notebooks from "personal" notebooks to "business" notebooks. Nope, you cannot do that either. You have to create all new notebooks and then move all of the notes under an individual "personal" notebook to a "business" notebook. So, recreating each notebook seemed a waste of time when it seemed like it should just copy and paste. I am also concerned about EN Business because of this post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79513-ask-yourself-one-question-before-signing-up-to-evernote-business/ Apparently, the person who posted this indicated that his business lost all of their notes because he let the credit card on file expire. The recommendation was "well, you should have backed your data up." I know that it may sound like I am beating up on EN Business but I am not. I really want it to work for my business, especially where I have been using it personally for quite some time and like it for my business use on a personal level. I have watched EN youtube training videos, read EN ebooks, and I am still not sure what else I can do.
  2. I am trying to understand if Evernote is for real or not. Somebody who uses this for their business should respond to this. I cannot figure out how the program can be useful if you cannot do simple things like 1) share stacks; 2) move personal notebooks to business notebooks; etc. These seem to be simple functions. As a new user, I am extremely nervous to suggest that my company use this product when it cannot do simple functions. Another thing. I created about 60 notebooks in a stack and in order to share with my staff I have to go to each notebook and share with the individuals in the company. Then, if I hire a new person, I understand I will then have to go and add that person as a user for each and every notebook? Are you serious? Somebody please tell me I am wrong about all of this before I decide to go with Microsoft Onenote. I am not a Microsoft fan but I am thinking that it has to be easier to use.
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