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  1. Thanks. One more "problem" I do not know how to solve: tags. I write my notes on my windows PC. All my notes have tags, many of them a couple of tags. On my PC I renamed some tags. And when I now look at my web evernote, there are still old tags ? I have 53 tags on my PC - but see only 38 on my web evernote. Is it maybe a problem because i have hierarchies - just on level?
  2. The question is why my web evernote not looks the same as my windows PC evernote? After synchronising, closing and openning, ...
  3. I have an evernote account. I have all together 107 notes in one notebook. I wrote all them on my windows evernote application. I have labeled them. But when I look in the web evernote, there are not all labels and the notes are not in the same order from the top to the bottom, as in my windows evernote notebook's. And when I log in from other windows PC computer, where is also installed an evernote, I see the same as on web version (less labels and different order of my notes). I did synchronise them many times, closed both web and windows PC's - but looks different. What I have to do that I will see all labels on other PC and that the order of notes will be the same on both PC's. Regards, Activity
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