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  1. I'm still waiting for the official Linux client. How's that going, evernote? How's that "failed unicorn" status hangin'? In fact, as I have to pay for Premium again, I feel highly discriminated that your web-based service does not offer support for other operating systems. I hope to one day sue you.
  2. Try marching into Wal-Mart and demanding that they sell you a car. If you are lucky, you will only get laughed at. But since you think that sort of thing is ok, maybe I should demand that you write an EverNote replacement that will run on Linux. See how well that works? If somebody *does* write an EverNote replacement that is suitably cross-platform, I may well buy it -- and drop my premium subscription to EverNote, even though the cost only amounts to a flea-bite. But jumping up and down and pitching a fit because EverNote doesn't see fit to do it is unlikely to accomplish much -- except getting yourself laughed at. What are you talking about, crazy Duck Man? Your analogy is far off kilter, I cannot help but to think you're stoned. Let's put this in perspective: I go to the local car dealer and all they have are snowmobiles. I tell them, "I would buy one if I could commute to work on it. But we live in Arizona and it never snows here, they are not even capable of driving on the freeway. If you ever get a nice sports car, or SUV I might do business with you". See the difference between right field, left field, and even being close to the ballpark? Thank you for this.
  3. Dear Howard, Last time I checked, we're still in 2015, where companies have MESSAGE BOARDS, hosted on the INTERNET, for their USERS, where said USERS may propose solutions (be it sound or not) that will ENHANCE a USERS's experience of SAID COMPANY's PRODUCT. I had to make it in capitals because your post gave me too much cancer to handle. It was either caps or comic sans. Bottom line, I don't want a Wal-Mart type of Internet. I want a tech company to at least acknowledge the fact, that not all users of their great product (which Evernote in fact is, and that's why I even bother posting) are domain-bounded fanboy mindless sheep (let's keep that phrase in the "figure of speech" section). But hey, whatever, it turns out I'm good without premium, since I just stopped using evernote for critical tasks. Now, allow me to reiterate my claims, for why an Official Linux Evernote Client would win my money back, by going premium again - Because there is already an unoffical client https://github.com/baumgarr/Nixnote2 , and the development can be checked out here. So, as I understand, being a major software company like Evernote, it will be too crippling of a task to create an official version, which in fact took one man three years to develop for free? Is it just me, or is there something else at stake here, say, keeping the mindless domain-bounded sheep domain-bounded? I have yet to see a completely reasonable, meritorically correct argument against an Evernote client for linux. All I hear is In fact, I curate my own distro established in 2008 only for my uses - it's synced across all my machines, gives seamless integration between designer apps I use, stuff like smartphone integration and such, my drives are physically encrypted by enc2fs. I'm happy with what I've done, took me a while to build it, and I do not expect myself to go back to any product of Google, Microsoft or Apple as my primary workstation os. Probably not in this millenium, at least, and I don't think any vendor can convince me. Basically, even though Linux has developed significantly, you still have to spend some time hacking your system to fine-tune it to your needs. BUT - from a software development standpoint, the flurry of available technologies (say, hmm, this? for starters) is not stopping a mediocre software development team from building a great piece of a product. Especially, when you have an open-source "clone" already available! In all honesty, going open source exclusively for a linux client would only benefit Evernote. And a lot. ?????Profit I hope we are now on the same page here. Thanks for your message, points taken, but I hope I cleared things up for you why I'm just posting again and again in this topic. ED: I can clearly see that tere are in fact two popular threads on this subforum, it's this one with ~140k views, and another one, 160k topic about using Evernote as a todo list. If I was evernote, I would really recap wtf is happening here.
  4. As of yesterday I've stopped paying for Evernote Premium. I've been vocal about the Linux client since page 4(I think) of this topic. And I will continue not to pay until there is a proper Evernote for Linux. Actually planning a switch already. After a year of Premium, and being forced to use it via a web-browser (with a Windows client sometimes available from my company's computer), I see no point in further investing my time. Plus, for real, developing a QT app for Evernote shouldn't be a biggie at all (with NixNote already out there - LOL). Throw a 100k $ and I'll spend 6 months building it for you. Plus, Quora is on it already: http://www.quora.com/Whats-the-best-Evernote-alternative-for-Linux I'm much more eager to change Evernote to something else, than change my whole workflow and OS. Sorry Evernote, you're becoming irrelevant (for me at least).
  5. What pain are you talking about, particularly? What distro, what DM? If ChromeOS is Linux, Android is also a Linux, I see no viable justification of just giving the finger to the Linux community by not supporting Linux! Don't you see it? Plus, if there is already an Evernote clone (partly functional, but does it's job pretty well - nixnote2). What is stopping a software company to step in and make their own features work as they themselves have designed them to? It's better to help a little with an already running project and profit out of premium accounts, instead of just ignoring a lot of your users. And honestly, arguments about choosing DM's, desktop environments and all those other "problems" are just a load of bull. If I want I can have XFCE, KDE, Gnome, Unity, basically any DE and DM I want on my setup! Choose your favourite library and just do it. PS: https://www.insynchq.com/linux
  6. This has been hashed, rehashed & re-rehashed. It's a business decision & it's odd that that is perceived as "giving the full finger". It's not b/c EN hates linux and/or linux users. Anyone who dislikes the existing options (IE web client, Nixnote) can use the EN API to build their own linux client, if they'd like. Calling a clearly wrong decision a "business decision" is not the way to go for any company, just as Google did with GDrive for Linux. Instead of using Google's Drive on all of my computers, I'm using MegaSync now - if a company intentionally doesn't give an f about a userbase, the userbase will disappear. It's from the Linux and open-source community that several innovations stem, several of them are powering not only Evernote, but also Google, Rackspace, Dropbox, Amazon... I could go on, but you see what I mean. As I'm also a premium user, I would expect Evernote to make a proper Linux client. If not, then I'll just cancel my subscription and move on to whichever vendor gives me what I want at the end of the day. It's plain and simple, and I knew they didn't have a Linux client when I was deciding on a note-taking service - but it was the best service available. As new services come by, my needs may be no longer met by Evernote. Mega has a proper linux client, and their business model is exactly the same as Evernote's. AMD, Copy, Dropbox, a multitude of other private companies have proper linux clients/linux driver support because we are an increasingly significant part of the market. It's not wise to let go of people who actually know stuff about technology (everyone using Linux knows a little more about computing than your average Joe - it's a bloody fact, and not a truism). The more the people use the command line, the more they will be eager to pay for good services. It's greed that is stopping you from embracing Linux, not sound business advice. Oh, and a protip - make a feature that will allow your users to simultaneosuly work on a note via your PC and your smartphone (ie. my Nexus 5 as a handwriting-input-device). Call it multi-device input. $$$ Profit.
  7. Hello, As I'm a premium user (who uses Evernote every day for professional purposes) I want an official Linux client. I won't use Apple as, in general, they aren't secure enough (latest iCloud breach) I won't use Windows as it's not useable for the stuff I do. I've a secured linux, that I've been assembling and configuring for quite some time and I'm happy with it. And since I've decided to pay for evernote, it would be nice to have a Qt-enabled client, that actually works (as nixnote2 is not the best, open source implementation). Thank you for your time, Kind Regards, Pete
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