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  1. Just pushout a VM with windows version stripped down or figure out a container of some sorts for android.

    How long will it take? People have been capable of running Evernote as an Android app on Linux with ARC. It isn't reliable as it's a hack.

    Is it that hard? Why is the community wrong, as your actions say? How much longer will it take you to get that people want control over their computation, and it is soon that everyone will be using open source?

  2. When there is a need, there is a way. And I really hope that Evernote will need to make an official linux client.

    And no, you are wrong that this is the same as Windows or other web systems. You are completely off course, in fact.


    It's not a product, it's a SERVICE I'm paying each year for.
    I don't see people with an official Windows 10.5, or with official Windows Falcon Edition. There is a single product across all platforms. The same applies to browsers etc - I am paying Spotify for premium (even though their linux client is 6 months stale) and I get the same experience on Linux as on Windows. I am also paying github, because git is a tool I use daily. Git doesn't need a windowed app for maximum productivity.

    Evernote does.

    With Evernote, I'm paying for lousy access to services and data with an Android app and a Web client, which is nowhere near the app on other, walled-garden platforms.

    Which sounds to me pretty much like discrimination against a certain platform.

  3. On 16.02.2016 at 5:15 PM, DTLow said:

    This is a level of maturity and intelligence we don't often see in these forums. It doesn't inspire me to look at any videos you post.

    We are users like yourself.  It is not our app.

    Was there a specific problem we could assist you on?

    Let my foul language not take us off the point that Evernote is intentionally not giving a damn about FOSS users.

    Even when we pay, we get less than users of others platforms. This is not a business decision any more, it's concious discrimination of a growing group of people who trust themselves enough to manage their own data, and don't need walled gardens.

    "Not our app" - dear Guru, you can assist me by advocating the developers to spend a week developing a Linux app instead of stickers and analog notebooks.

  4. Timoc,
    As much as what you're proposing sounds awesome, I would exactly make it about Linux, lack of official Linux client for paying Linux-based customers and the general approach of Evernote towards giving paying users open-source access. Your goal is yours, mine is mine - our interests coincide and this is the momentum.

    As a premium user for 3 years, the split second there is a valid evernote rival, I am jumping boat. I am paying Evernote just for data storage, because I can't fully experience the service. And I'm paying them, because there is no one else on the market.

    Just because everyone is comfortable with buggy, spying, unstable and untested piece of ***** that windows is does not mean that users building their own systems should be discriminated against because of a business decision to get inside walled gardens.

    If Evernote doesn't want to build a linux client, sure as hell they will not give you your git backups. This should fly all over the infosphere with a header like "Evernote is discriminating it's Linux and FOSS paying users".

  5. We, as premium users, want access to our data at our will using an opensource tool. Since you are, in fact, only our data stores without an official linux app, several users would benefit from the proposition of evernote markups added to a git repository that will in fact mimc your account when paying for access.

    We want our notes raw. Since every platform has access to an official app, we feel backstabbed as Evernote is not necessarily used on a computer with Windows or Mac or Android.

  6. I will post a youtube video someday that points Evernote out like Tyson.

    Your app is turning to *****, I don't know what your problem is, but it appears a combo of Windows App, Linux Web Browser + Android just breaks my ***** notes. AT PREMIUM.

    What the ***** evernote, really. What. The. *****.

  7. Slack has a bloody beta app for linux.
    so lets all stop the "business decision" rhetrhorical bullshit, and just accept the fact that evernote has linux users deep up their colon.


  8. I would think they have a pretty good idea how many of their users are linux users and how many of those pay for the service. If there was value in it I'm sure they'd have done it already.

    I'm curious as to how do you think can they differentiate? As you can eiter use a windows app (wine) or the web client?


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