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  1. Good idea--thanks for the link. I'm on the road right now, but I will certainly do that when I get back.
  2. Thanks. I wanted to use Evernote as a replacement for my Palm's Thought Manager because of its ability to synchronize over my couple of platforms. There's always OneNote, and I will certainly check out the two apps you mention.
  3. I use Evernote, on my Windows PC and on my Android smartphone, for a lot of outlines, like my Travel Checklist. Simplified version: [] Arrange [] Parking [] Flights [] Hotel [] Pack [] Clothing [] Toothbrush [] laptop [] Last minute [] Print boarding pass [] Check taps Stuff like that. ( [] is a check box). I haven't used my Travel Checklist in a while, so I don't know when this happened, but somehow Evernote has moved everything around. It is now something like: [] Arrange [] Pack [] Last minute [] Parking [] Flights [] Hotel [] Clothing [] Toothbrush [] laptop [] Print boarding pass [] Check taps The problem appears in both of my platforms--a couple of Windows computers and my Galaxy S5neo smartphone; since Evernote dutifully replicated changes in one place to the other places, obviously don't know just where the problem was introduced. I've never been all that happy with the way Evernote handles my outlines--for instance, for a while every time I opened a checklist outline in Android it disappeared all my indents--but what's going on here? I'm reasonably certain that I didn't any manual moving around of items. Anybody else having a problem like this? (Evernote can do all sorts of wonderful things, few of which I use, and seems to have trouble doing some simple things well. For outlines like mine, OneNote is impressing me more; my ideal for this kind of thing is Thought Manager, a program from Hands High Software for the Palm handheld. Perhaps the Evernote developers could take a peek at that to see how it's done better.)
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