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  1. Good idea--thanks for the link. I'm on the road right now, but I will certainly do that when I get back.
  2. Thanks. I wanted to use Evernote as a replacement for my Palm's Thought Manager because of its ability to synchronize over my couple of platforms. There's always OneNote, and I will certainly check out the two apps you mention.
  3. I use Evernote, on my Windows PC and on my Android smartphone, for a lot of outlines, like my Travel Checklist. Simplified version: [] Arrange [] Parking [] Flights [] Hotel [] Pack [] Clothing [] Toothbrush [] laptop [] Last minute [] Print boarding pass [] Check taps Stuff like that. ( [] is a check box). I haven't used my Travel Checklist in a while, so I don't know when this happened, but somehow Evernote has moved everything around. It is now something like: [] Arrange [] Pack [] Last minute [] Parking [] Flights [] Hotel [] Clothing
  4. Many thanks for your answer. I will be upgrading. Perhaps EN has a deal with its credit-card processor that allows it to process charges in currencies appropriate to the credit card's country. Normally, when I use my Canadian credit card at a US site/company, the charge is in USD, and shows up in my (CAD) card statement at the current exchange rate plus a little extra for the bank. When I use my USD credit card (which I can get here in Canada), I get a statement in USD, and pay in USD; my bank gives a slightly better rate changing my Canadian assets to USD than my credit-card does. Since
  5. That is why most businesses that deal internationally make it clear what currency they're talking about: Often the abbreviations USD or US$, and CAD or CA$ are used, but it's also possible to spell things out: "US Dollar" or "Canadian Dollar." The important thing is to be explicit. This should not be a revelation. I have been using Evernote Basic for some time, and I like that it's able to synchronize my information over all my devices (and I like it better now that the atrocious Android formatting has been fixed), but I realize that Evernote is a business, and it doesn't put ads in my
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