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  1. I hadn't. But regardless, I've figured it out. You select the notebook in the side bar that you want to be your default. Right click it and select properties. There is a single box to be ticked (or not) in this window; it says "make this my default folder?" Bingo!
  2. This must be a simple one but I'm hoping someone can save me some time. Right now if I save a picture or anything else for that matter, the default notebook is not the one I'd like it to be. How can I change this such that the default notebook is the one in which I put most of my stuff. Thanks, Mike
  3. Always looking for productivity boosters. I'm a big fan of NeoPro by Nuance as an Outlook add on. They also are responsible for PaperPort which is on sale right now for 80 bucks. I can't get a good feel for what it would do for me. More germaine here is as a new but enthusiastic user of Evernote, I'm wondering if they are a) compatible and have any overlap in capability. Would be very interested in what your collective experience is. Thanks, Mike
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