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  1. I'm not trying to punish Evernote with large uploads. My hope would be that Evernote is using a variety of analytics. That (possibly) an influx of large image files, or a higher percentage of accounts maxing out their upload limits, or meta data showing significant % increases, would get the attention of a decision maker. Support requests and forum requests are not getting the attention of decision makers. It's a testament to my frustrations, that I would be excited about a long shot idea like this My name is Jumoke and I approve this post!
  2. Omg! So much pain and suffering Ultimate suicide by evernote
  3. I used Springpad specifically for this reason and was very sad to move to Evernote when Springpad closed. Having thumbnails is very important to me. I am a software developer and I can't understand in any programming and human logic why this much needed feature is taking so long to add!!!
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