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  1. I also gave up on Evernote. Not only was presentation mode NEVER fixed their payment system could not accept my payment and nobody could fix that either (To their credit they gave me one year but the payment issue never got fixed). I searched around and found that there is a programme called DevonThink Pro that is much better, works efficiently, does not require an annual payment and does all (and more) than I need. I have been a happy DTP user ever since and don't even bother with Evernote. So they have lost this 'customer'.
  2. totally agree. I have just downloaded the new Evernote on my new mac and previously it was on a windows machine. I HATE HATE HATE the fact that when you double click on the image in Evernote it automatically defaults to Presentation Mode. I am used to macs and everywhere else in a mac if you double click on an image, pdf etc it opens in Preview. Therefore it is unnecessarily frustrating to have to remember to control click on the image to bring up a menu where you can click to open it in Preview. I totally concur with the above poster that it NEEDS to be an option that you can toggle on a
  3. Thank you but I am signed into the web version correctly and there is no sign of all the missing notes in the trash on either the desktop programme or the web version. A few old notes were still synced across but most are gone as are all the local notes and notebooks I have. It seems as if you can not start a ticket with tech support unless you are a premium member. I am now trying to rebuild what i can of the missing notes etc but sadly those notes that I had transcribed from hard copy and then threw out the paper will never be able to be retrieved and consisted of material unobtainable ev
  4. no the notes are not in the web version either - they appear to have gone to digital heaven :-(
  5. HI, I have evernote on a laptop running Windows 7. I have had the programme for about 4 weeks. Yesterday morning i did a lot of work in the programme creating a large number of notes in a notebook that is not synced as I am on a free version and had used up my monthly limit about a week into using the programme therefore I had roughly 1200 notes in local notebooks. I am not a savvy windows user. When I started Evernote in the afternoon i had to sign in (not normal) and all my notes were gone. The programme started to sync whereas before I had it set not to sync. I stopped the sync but
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