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  1. I too, absolutely HATE the new location of the search box and the changes on the right of the screen where the title is not the same. I surely hope someone at Evernote reads these and can help with some answers, or a software revision to allow us to put it back where it always was. Also , I do not like the new way it starts up a "new" email. I preferred it the old way, it was much easier. I don't think I will ever upgrade again, this is a mess in my opinion -- change in appearance is not good, unless you offer ways to back to 'traditional' mode.
  2. This popup is very, very annoying, I could hardly complete a long note today because it kept blocking the space I was trying to type in. PLEASE can someone tell me how to turn it off ? I am a pro-user, and pay for the service, and I don't see a way to block it in the menu items at the top of the tool bar. I would have to hire an IT person to do the register "0" null out described by one of the postings -- but I thank that person for that help --- but I will hire an IT person to do that if there is no other way. Maybe I should quite installing upgrades for Evernote, they are not upgrades for me since I am a basic , but high volume, user. And with pop ups that annoy, they are the opposite -- "downgrades". This , I find, to be true of much software, they start, finally get it right in a few months, and then are not content to let us enjoy the product -- they seem compelled to change it, add features for a few % of the users, and offering those who do not need these features no way to disable them. Simplicity is the beauty of good software, I fear Evernote might be getting a little bloated with extra code. Just a thought. They had a world class product, disabling the pop ups would be a start to getting that status back.
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