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  1. Great explanation. Thank you for sharing.
  2. I was under the impression that the creation of a task without first assigning it to a note would be classified as being a "stand-alone task." I had realized that the task was actually assigned to a note called "things to do." That is curious. If this is the case, then it makes even less sense why you providing the ability to tag a task wouldn't have been an easy option right out the gates on a first release basis. Curious.
  3. Hi. I would like the ability to create a plain old task and apply a tag to it without having to create a note first for it to “live” in. While the ability to flag a task is nice, I do not understand why the ability to tag a task was not part of the initial roll-out. This seems to be such a logical progression as opposed to introducing a brand new bit of functionality in “flags.”
  4. I am fearful that I already know the answer but am hoping that someone clever has a work around. I am in the process of simplifying my notebook organizational structure and find myself needing to move 9,000+ notes from one notebook to another. With this latest release, it appears that I am relegated to moving 50 notes at a time (WHY?!). I suppose I could downgrade it to legacy version and make the changes....I think. Anyone have any good ideas?
  5. Hi there – May I please ask who this is? I keep getting these updates sent to my email based on Evernote support activity that I did not initiate. My name is Shawn Miller and my username is “smiller57.” Do we have the same username?
  6. I fear that my account has been hacked or corrupted and am trying to get support's attention. When I go to the Evernote support page as a premium user, it appears that I have two options, email or community. Even though I am a premium user, chat is not available to me. When I click on the email option and log-in, it takes me to my web instance of Evernote. The I click on the "need some help" button at the bottom right of the screen, it takes me to the initial log-in screen. It's a never-ending loop. I even tried twitter to get their attention. No luck. Granted, it's only been 2 or 3 hours, but if a premium user is telling them that they fear their account has been hacked, then I would expect a greater/quicker response. I have been a premium user for a long time and I am really disappointed about my support experience. I feel like Evernote can and should do better. I would also love nothing more than for this to be self inflicted issue, but even if it is, getting support, especially for a premium user, should NOT be this hard. DO BETTER!!!!
  7. Hi there, it has since resolved itself. It’s been so long that I have forgotten the resolution. Thanks for your reply though.
  8. Thanks for this feedback. This is super valuable. I always seem to defer to native applications because I assume they will always lead to a better workflow. I will definitely check out Scanner Pro.
  9. Thank you for your replies pink elephant and gazumped. I have done a fresh reinstall and it does not seem to do the trick, I have also followed your suggestion pink elephant and I am not getting the same results. When I click on save to camera roll or Evernote, I get no response. It’s as if the links are completely broken. Perhaps we have different versions?
  10. I recently updated to iOS 13.1. Since doing so I have been unable to save scannable scans as JPEG’s into my camera roll. I am not sure how to bubble this up to the proper people to ensure that it gets addressed at some point soon. Any thoughts on who to tell or what the procedure is?
  11. Yes, they are all set to 8:00 am. So all the tasks that are listed as "@Home Reminders due Today" have all been changed to tomorrow's date at 8:00 am. One of them has this Friday's date at 8:00 am.
  12. Sure thing. I am using the saved search as show below in the screenshot. It's the same saved search that I've used for a long long time. I just went through and changed the reminders from today's today to tomorrow's date on all the tasks that I didn't get to today. I can go one by one and the reminders all show as being due tomorrow. Yet for some reason they are all staying put under the saved search in the shared screenshot.
  13. I have a handful of saved searches that I've used for a long time. They are searches such as "@Work Reminders Due Today" and @Home Reminders due Tomorrow." It appears that just today they have stopped working. I will add a reminder that's due today and they will not appear within that particular saved search. When I click on "@Work Reminders due Today" it will show me all the reminders from earlier in the day when it was working. But, when I change the reminder date to, this Friday for example, it doesn't move out of the "Today" search. I hope that makes sense. Does anyone have any thoughts? I would really rather not redo all my searches, but if I must. P.S. – I have never lost my internet connection. Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer.
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