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  1. @DonAndre we are working on a larger effort to update the editor on Android that should solve the issues you listed above. However in the meantime you should not be having issues deleting checkboxes. What device are you using and what version of the Android app are you on? 1. Create a new note 2. Enable checkboxes (lower right A= icon, then checkbox) 3. Create 3 items Go to the middle item and delete the item text. Click on the checkbox icon to remove the checkbox (IMHO the checkbox should be deletable by pressing delete on the keyboard). Now, I can't remove that empty line in the middle and join item 1 and item 3 into one list again. But when you press "Done" and save the note you find that the empty line isn't there. So that's really strange behavior.
  2. The windows (desktop) client works very well. I can't remember to have had these issues there.
  3. I find it very frustrating to work with checklists in Android. If you press delete on an empty item the checkbox is not removed. You cannot reorder items easily. Select all doesn't select all items, only all text of one item. Thus removing entries is very tiresome for long checklists. This has not been improved for more than a year now. Has this not yet been noticed by anyone working on the Android client?
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