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  1. Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies. My post was really unfounded and I am glad to have my software ignorance exposed for me, as unpleasant as it may feel at first. Thanks again, and have a good Friday V
  2. According to some on this forum, the lack of the rather obvious and simple manual-sort feature was a 'design' decision. I doubt it's really that —it probably costs more to add, enact, and maintain a manual-sort algorithm— but if it's related to money/resources, you should consider adding manual-sort to the Premium Services. I'd pay for that in a heartbeat. Anyway, even iTunes —configured for anybody from the most uninitiated to advanced-customizers— has this manual sort option within their playlists. Just as iTunes would lose many users to another app that supplied the clear, obvious, and ultimately easily-satisfiable demand to arrange things as the user wants on the basic level, Evernote surely has and will (me included) lose users and good-reviews to other companies that include this basic option. That's one of the main reasons I will not be renewing my Evernote Premium service this time around. It's disappointing: as seen in the Beta online version, Evernote has gone in the direction of assuming that lessening options in and of itself offers peace of mind of a sort. While minimalism does avoid overwhelm, you should acknowledge the deeper psychological truth: make options bigger WHERE REQUESTED — meaning that you make the environment minimalist, with small buttons that open up options if the user wants. This is the basic design attitude for all mac-inspired folks and I would've expected this from Evernote since they seem to be in that aesthetic camp. This app no longer is useful for anyone who plans to use it for anything related to any sort of fluid and day to day prioritization, project, communication, or even just preferences that all can evolve quickly (the response that you have so-called 'workarounds' to codify every single note is absurd because each time things change as they do in real life we must re-code every time according to the newly-evolved priority levels) Sincerely — Hopefully, V
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