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  1. Thanks for the responses. So there's a work around for this. Is there any plans to add priority to notes in future and if not is there a feature request list? I'm stating to think that priority is more of a task management function rather then a fucntion for a note collection program.
  2. Hi, Where is the place for feature requests? I would like the ability to add a number to a note, say 0 to 99 and then be able to sort notes on this. Sort of like a priority.
  3. Hi, Just started using Evernote and really liking the product, might be able to now get some order in my day. One thing I would like to do is go back and annotate captured screens and emails with circles/boxes/arrows etc. I'm mainly using the Windows application but also the web clipper in Chrome. For some reason I'm only able to add arrows etc when I do a screenshot (draw a rectangle), not when I capture the entire screen. Also once the note is in Evernote I can't annotate with the exception of changing the highlighting, adding lists etc... no arrows. Must be missing the obvious. The attached picture shows the annotation tools I have from the Windows client when a note has already been captured. Any ideas? PS - Just noticed the annotate button appears (in the Windows app) for some of the notes and not others. There seems to be no consistency to this either.
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