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  1. Hello I did not sign up with an Evernote specific user/pass combination. I used to Google to authenticate, so I don't have an Evernote password.
  2. Hi, I mostly use the browser version of Evernote but decided to use the Win10 application today as I have a lot to enter. I authenticate myself in Evernote using Google. It's prompting me for a password to sync my local data with the cloud, however I do not know which password I should be using. I tried my google account but that was rejected, Any ideas on how to get sync working? Thanks Dave
  3. Hi Jeff, Thanks for your detailed response. I'm not specifically setting tabs or spaces as Visual Studio does all that and however you format it does it's own thing. I may just paste code into a text editor en-route to Evernote in future. This is on Windows 10 with Evernote running in Chrome browser as opposed to the Windows app. Thanks
  4. Hello, I pasted some C# code from Visual Studio into a new note complete with spacing and tabs. However when I go back and look everything is left aligned. I thought the code block was supposed to honour the formatting. Is this not the case? Thanks
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