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  1. Update: Customer support contacted me last week to notify me that an Evernote service update was just released, and asked me to try and sync. It took quite a while but Evernote started syncing again. My upload limit still flunctuates even though nothing was uploaded. Maybe that will reset at the end of the month now that everything appears to be working again. Thank you all for your help and suggestions. Also thanks to Nefre D. and especially Francisco S. of customer support for their efforts. Yours sincerely,
  2. Thank you for your reply. Almost simultaneously customer support also told me that the new beta was released. Here is what I have done: I have completely removed Evernote with the Revo uninstaller, to prevent any of my tinkering with settings etc. to interfere. I have installed the current alpha release ( and let it sync to establish a baseline for comparison. I let it run for a couple of hours to make sure that Evernote had really stopped synchronizing. It stopped at 37 notes (about 10% of the total). I then saved a copy of the activity log. Next I upgraded the installation with the latest beta ( I let the program run again for a couple of hours. No new notes were added to the 37 I already had. I saved another copy of the activity log. To make sure that there wasn’t something from the current alpha that was still interfering, I completely removed Evernote again with the Revo uninstaller, and made a fresh install of the beta ( I let Evernote run overnight to see if it would download more notes. This morning I checked Evernote and it had again downloaded 37 notes. At a glance these appear to be the same notes I had yesterday. I saved a copy of the activity log. Nothing has changed in my account information regarding my upload limit, and sync still fails without any further messages. I have sent all activity logs to customer support for analysis. I might try tinkering with the settings again as suggested in the previous posts. Maybe that will work in combination with the beta release. Any other suggestion is off course welcome. Yours sincerely,
  3. Thank you for your reply. I have removed all notes to a point where I know sync was still working.This did not resolve the sync problem. I have compared notes that were made at the moment of the sync problems to notes when sync was still working and I found no significant differences in note size. In the meanwhile customer support made two suggestions that might help, that I will present here for completeness: 1) There were no changes in the notes or the number of notes afer sync. The sync keeps failing. 2) I have a backup of my old database. I replaced the new .exb file with the old .exb files (without all the other .exb.{something} files, e.g. .exb.snippets, etc). This brought me back to the notes that I had before starting problem solving, but the sync fail remains. I have now noted that the remaining upload limit in the windows application alternates between 140Kb and 1.3Mb, although there is no pattern to when it will be 140Kb and when it will be 1.3Mb. When I log in online I still have my full upload limit left. This is getting very frustrating, but I appreciate all suggestions. Yours sincerely,
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have now uninstalled / reisntalled Evernote twice with the Revo uninstaller. Unfortunately, that has also not resolved my problems. Maybe third time is lucky Fortunately customer support is replying now as well and they have sent my activity log to tech support. I hope that somebody at this forum or tech support is able to find a solution that works. Thanks for all replies and suggestions (now and in the future).
  5. Thank you for your reply. No, I haven't. I am unfamiliar with this uninstaller. What is the benefit compared to the regular Windows uninstaller? I will google to find the program.
  6. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes I have tried the SSL/TLS security trick, but unfortunately that doesn't help. After a couple of additional unistall/reinstalls with completely removing de database, Evernote now downloads only 30 of my notes before stopping the sync. Account infromation in Evernote still keeps showing that I only have 140kb monthly upload limit left. That has been the same for the past months.
  7. Hi all, I have the same problem for over two months now. I can't sync from my work computer (Win XP SP3), while I can sync from my home computer (Win 8) and android phone. It all happened suddenly. One day it all worked, the next sync stopped working. All notes appear online, so the issue is with my work computer. I get a consistent sync failed error. My account information shows that I have reached my upload limit, however this hasn't changed in two months and even buying additional upload space does not change anything. I have tried various suggestions I found online, including emptying trash, removing any conflicting notes, updating to the latest version, checking/unchecking SSL/TLS options, completely removing (including removing all database files) / reinstalling Evernote. So far to no avail. I have contacted support and they have send me a reply (after three weeks. Suprisingly they were able to ask how I valued their support after 3 days.) that they are busy and that I should try the FAQ and the forum. I use Evernote for my work and I want to share a notebook with a colleague with whom I work on a project. This sync issue renders Evernote practically useless. Does anyone have any more solutions that I might try to get Evernote working again? Thanks in advance.
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