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  1. The problem I'm having started off with not being able access my encrypted note on the Web client. First I double clicked the grey password encryption bar like I normally do on the Desktop client and nothing happen. Out of frustration, I clicked it quickly a couple more times and then it suddenly disappeared. This is only my 3rd or 4th time accessing my notes from the web client, and then I came to realization that the web client was in beta and password encrypted notes are not yet supported so the system might be buggy. I decided to check Evernote on a newly installed desktop client and then again on my phone to find no trace of the grey bar I needed to access my note. My note is now just blank, white space where the encryption bar used to be. Is there any way I can retrieve the data from that note, even though the encyrption key bar is gone? Can I get the encryption key back? I still remember my hint and password needed to unlock it. Thanks.
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