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  1. The "largest-smallest" doesn't work for me as I am adding only 2 images per note, as this is being used as a "non-database-database" of sorts for my huge catalog of sewing patterns. I need an image of both the FRONT and BACK of the pattern envelope. With this, only one image is larger than the other one...there is no "largest-smallest"... What I found that worked for 'TWO image' notes is part of 3 replies here from 3 people.... @Post_It had the easiest procedure of resizing in MS Paint: >1) Once all your images are loaded on the note right click on those you want to resize. >2) The
  2. HI! I have been using evernote for a while to just collect recipes. Today, I have decided to use it to catalog some sewing patterns...and I wish to make a "template". After reading many things here, templates are not really something that is available. I have seen however many OLDER comments about copying and pasting notes. What does seem possible is creating a note that lives in a notebook that is called "template" and then copied when needed to the appropriate notebook for editing. I have Win 8 and an ipad. I have been trying to copy a simple note with just a few lines, and then pasteing in
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