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  1. The "largest-smallest" doesn't work for me as I am adding only 2 images per note, as this is being used as a "non-database-database" of sorts for my huge catalog of sewing patterns. I need an image of both the FRONT and BACK of the pattern envelope. With this, only one image is larger than the other one...there is no "largest-smallest"... What I found that worked for 'TWO image' notes is part of 3 replies here from 3 people.... @Post_It had the easiest procedure of resizing in MS Paint: >1) Once all your images are loaded on the note right click on those you want to resize. >2) The image will automatically be selected and a pop up menu will appear. >3) Select "open with" option and then choose Paint >4) The file will open in Paint and windows will read it as a temp file from memory. >5) Choose resize and resize the picture >6) You can then click save and windows will automatically save the file in Evernote automatically resizing the image on the note itself. >It seems Windows has the ability to recognise the file loaded from Evernote and resize it on the fly. After doing as @Post_it suggested, originally resizing it to 50% less, I realized the "largest-smallest" wasn't going to work. I then found @Owen and @Emerick had discussed larger images being "more important" by pixel size, I increased the pixel size by 100 for the front of the envelope picture, and I got the front of the envelope picture as I had needed. Just incase someone else has the same idea, don't waste your time...or maybe do... perhaps you can come up with anothe solution based on my findings. Hoping that this gets fixed SOON... as I still have only 70 or so sewing patterns in to this...and about a thousand to go. I can still jump to OneNote after my test drive of that today... not happy about it, but its doable. I do hate Microsoft, and will hold out as long as I can...but this is a REAL pain in the butt... And as PatternFile (the Sewing Database Service) has gone under, lots of sewing enthusiasts are migrating to evernote... blogs abound out there for evernote in the sewing world. What I loved about this is @Post_it's paint method is fast, down and dirty on a PC. One other comment on something that DIDN'T work, but I thought it might ( as its not really a "photo"... but was still an image) was to "scan" the back of the envelope with my ipad evernote app, vs taking a "photo"... That had a 75% success rate. But I still have to then change quite a few front envelope images So there you have it... I hope this helps someone else.
  2. HI! I have been using evernote for a while to just collect recipes. Today, I have decided to use it to catalog some sewing patterns...and I wish to make a "template". After reading many things here, templates are not really something that is available. I have seen however many OLDER comments about copying and pasting notes. What does seem possible is creating a note that lives in a notebook that is called "template" and then copied when needed to the appropriate notebook for editing. I have Win 8 and an ipad. I have been trying to copy a simple note with just a few lines, and then pasteing in into the "coats and dresses" notebook so I can add a photo and edit it with my ipad. For the life of me, I can't do this. I right click on the note, and the ONLY option I get to copy is to "copy to clipboard". When I do so, and go into the "coats and dresses" notebook to then *paste* it, I right click and there is no option. The odd thing is I can click, drag, and drop it directly from the "template" notebook into the "coats and dresses" notebook. But the problem is, the note dissapears from the "template" notebook. Is this now something that is only a premium feature now? Am I missing something?
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