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  1. HI! I have been using evernote for a while to just collect recipes. Today, I have decided to use it to catalog some sewing patterns...and I wish to make a "template". After reading many things here, templates are not really something that is available. I have seen however many OLDER comments about copying and pasting notes. What does seem possible is creating a note that lives in a notebook that is called "template" and then copied when needed to the appropriate notebook for editing. I have Win 8 and an ipad. I have been trying to copy a simple note with just a few lines, and then pasteing in into the "coats and dresses" notebook so I can add a photo and edit it with my ipad. For the life of me, I can't do this. I right click on the note, and the ONLY option I get to copy is to "copy to clipboard". When I do so, and go into the "coats and dresses" notebook to then *paste* it, I right click and there is no option. The odd thing is I can click, drag, and drop it directly from the "template" notebook into the "coats and dresses" notebook. But the problem is, the note dissapears from the "template" notebook. Is this now something that is only a premium feature now? Am I missing something?
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