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  1. Yes, it is a bit awkward when you search for something in front of a colleague and your recipes, journal entries, etc. come up. Plus if you clipped some stuff at lunchtime it's sitting there in the recent notes for all to see. I have two accounts, one for work, one for personal to avoid this, but it's annoying as I only have premium for the work one and miss out on a lot of features for the personal one. I can't justify paying twice! A great way to handle this would be allowing users to create an alias login that can be assigned only specific stacks and notebooks, so when you use the alias to log in only those items would be visible/accessible and only notes from those item displaying in the left pane. Has this been suggested before? Where can I go to promote this idea?
  2. Hi All, Is it possible to change the display colour of notes in the note list when in card view, so you can easily see catagories? For example, you have card view up to use as a dashboard, showing the contents of one notebook. Blue cards are for marketing, pink cards are for accounts, and yellow cards are for R&D, all displayed in the one pane. I would like something like this to organise my day. Also, can the size of the preview cards be changed? Cheers, Sara
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