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  1. You took the words out of my mouth. And we can discourage the annoying cheery tweets, too. This kind of crisis-response feedback blackout from EN is commonly seen with offshore products where English isn't a first/strong language. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. So either EN is reading these intense responses and ignoring them (bad) or they're providing a platform for feedback but not reading it (bad). And the plummeting iTunes rating seems to be equally ignored. It's becoming increasingly hard to trust my data to people with this kind of reckless business practice. If they're fumbling customer communication so bad, what else?
  2. No, I still regularly (but not 100% consistently) get the prompt. It's become less of an annoyance after I saw the post that said you can just cancel the login prompt. IOW, you don't need to type your password. Aside: It's very suspicious that EN is trying to connect to your Apple Store account as of 8.x. You can take advantage of the app's long response time to ponder the possibilities. Joe
  3. I had hoped this "stick with v7" mantra would have faded over time. But it hasn't. Simply put it's a band-aid on a cut that badly needs stitches. It's a short-term solution to avoid the 8.x bugs. But it does nothing to address the frequently cited functionality removals and variations between version 8 and previous versions. Vendors don't support all previous versions of their product indefinitely. That's an unacceptable support nightmare. They have to coax users to use the latest versions. There are many ways vendors can shepherd their user base to newer versions. The easiest technique for a multi-platform synch-ing product like EN is to put a gate on the synch engine to only accept connections from specific versions. No synch: no multi-platform use. You can cling to V7 and features like Presentation Mode only until V7 is explicitly or implicitly deprecated/obsoleted by EN. And if you expect a vendor to support all versions indefinitely, you're forcing the vendor to divert resources to support multiple code sets. That ends up diluting the support for the more current versions. The vendor loses and users lose. Nobody runs an enterprise using Windows 98 because there's no support for it. Anyone dependent on V7 features and locked onto that version will lose EN support at some time in the future. Yes, "no one is forced to upgrade..." -- today. But if you're only planning for today, you're not really planning.
  4. Wow. How can anyone suggest that a ".0" version of a product is the equivalent of a "beta", or "alpha" or "pre-release"? A ".0" release indicates functional modifications to a piece of software. It's not a free pass for terrible quality control and feeble testing. Beta releases, alpha releases, and pre-releases have warnings built into their name so you can -- as you said -- "protect yourself". A ".0" release implies that it IS the safe, tested, ready-for-prime-time version of a product. A responsible vendor goes out of their way to distinguish their "not ready" software from "ready" software. It's a rude cover-up to blame the users for the misrepresentations and carelessness of a vendor.
  5. The coercive efforts to force the "lack of EN response" aspect of the 8.0.x release should be ignored. Such bullying tactics are more about bluster than anything else. The paucity of response _is_ relevant on this forum, precisely because it is a noteworthy aspect of the 8.0.x release. No one here is complaining about "general" unresponsiveness. It's EN's invisibility in the _current_ release that is a significant aspect of some people's frustration. And shepherding those comments to a general forum or to private messages is blatant censorship. This forum is a place for new, and prospective EN users to see the technical shortcomings of this release as judged by EN's many long-time customers. But that new audience also deserves to hear about the support shortcomings from users familiar with a long EN relationship. There's no way to separate a release's features, bugs, support and user response. They all deserve attention, not stifling.
  6. Absolutely. Just cricket sounds here. The failure to address issues with the concerned users (like us) is more likely to drive me away than bugs. Technology issues are a "now" concern. But customer relationship issues become chronic and detrimental to the business. Once the dive starts, it's hard to reverse. EN has a very short window to demonstrate they're interested in staying afloat.
  7. I've made that same comment about users hating any new interface, and then treasuring it after it's replaced by a newer interface. That happens. I don't think that applies here. The commentary about missing, and non-functional features has been very specific. The performance issues can't be dismissed. The nuisance sign-ins don't make any sense. The user criticism of the new interface is pointed, specific, and grounded. Meanwhile, the criticisms about poor pre-release testing are at best understated. I've seen the release philosophy that "if it compiles, it's ready for release". The 8.0 release has that scent to it. Anyone is welcome to be an EN apologist. But to achieve any traction, you have to go beyond memes and proverbs. The EN community -- insulted by poor testing, interrupted by absent or broken functionality, and frustrated by EN's bunker mentality -- expects and deserves some consideration. JMHO
  8. FWIW, I was one of the "crash-on-start" victims of 8.0.0, 8.0.1, and 8.0.2. Finally, 8.0.3 (mostly) worked on my iPad. It gave a popup about EN crashing. But after I send the error report it behaved ok. 8.0.3 even (mostly) worked on my de-phoned iPhone 4S. It had been failing with all previous 8.0.x releases on the 4S. So I've graduated to the "not completely failing every launch" group to the "launching but failing but mostly working" group. But I'm really getting tired of the whole repeated Apple login bit. I haven't seen an explanation of why EN is demanding that. The stumbling launch bit isn't very enjoyable, either. Is there any light at the end of this tunnel? So far, I've just seen difference shades of black.
  9. I said "reasonable option" but "reasonable blanket prescription" would have been better wording. Many civilian and EN folks have said, "just reinstall from scratch" without pointing out the loss of un-synced data and without pointing out the need for re-downloading data. Not all users are savvy enough to recognize when a workaround option will cause data loss or waste valuable data usage.
  10. I agree with Bikernz. Reinstalling from scratch is not a reasonable option. First it burns any un-synced data on the device. Second it forces a reload of all that data that has been cached on the device. For metered internet users (like B and me) squandering our limited data to compensate for a clumsy update is unacceptable. For EN to suggest is inconsiderate and cavalier. Finally, if you have more than one device struggling with post-update crashes, forced downloading (times N devices) multiplies the negative impact of the upgrade (apologies to the word "upgrade").
  11. 8.0.2 crashes on my iPad with the same 100% reliability as 8.0.0 and 8.0.1. Yes I restarted it. Yes to all the other empty tech support knee-jerk suggestions. It's CLEARLY not a user error. Six plus years with Evernote. Premium. Losing confidence. Each failed release just makes it worse. More failure is unacceptable.
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