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  1. I wanted to transfer my ios notes to evernote (as a one time solution) as i switch to android phone but i could not find the ideal app for this. After much reluctance, i decided to copy/paste each note from gmail and to evernote.... this took me about an hour in total for about almost 200 notes on my iphone. Based on hindsight, i should have done this earlier, after me wasting almost 2 days on searching/googling/youtubing to see if anywhere out there in the market if there is anyway to sync gmail notes or iphone notes to evernote, i found evimsync , i download and tried that method but i was not successful. If your not super tech savvy i recommend just copy paste each note from gmail to evernote, i did this on my laptop, and help met to do this much faster, not more than one hours work (compared to spending many more hours googling for solution) .
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