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  1. Well, according to emerick, it's rather the % character that messes with the Unicode-encoding of the special (French) characters... (like here on this forum, % being converted to the unexpected sequence %25 ?!)
  2. Hi, I just update Evernote this morning to new (303244) Public version. And I'm having trouble opening an external link I have copy-pasted in a note: http://www.celio.com/CELIO_ALL/03-05-BERMUDA/DENIM-BERMUDA/short-denim-bermuda/Short-regular-délavé-100%-coton/p/1030874 Other similar link does not have the problem: http://www.celio.com/CELIO_ALL/03-05-BERMUDA/DENIM-BERMUDA/short-denim-bermuda/Bermuda-regular-effet-usé-coton/p/1030878 Note: I do not remember having the problem before updating. I suspect this is related to some UTF8 encoding for the French accentuated character "é" but as you can see the 2nd link has 1 too and it opens fine.
  3. All right, submitted it. I also post below the message & attached screenshot, so everyone knows.
  4. Hi, Has the user filled a bug about this or not? Cheers.
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