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  1. I am using Windows 7. I have tried sending it to my work account as well as to my gmail account. I do not see anything in my junk mail file.
  2. Hi - I am new to Evernote...going to try and use it to get me more organized and not have stuff in Outlook, and scanned as PDFs on hard drive, and small notes in Evernote....going to try and go "all in." However, I must be able to email notes to co-workers and such. So, I created a simple note...then went to the "share" option and picked email....I put in my own email address (tried two different ones), and the emailed note never arrived??? Any help? This is a deal killer for me....and I know htey want you to use work chat...but I don't want to force all of my co-workers to sign-up for Evernote just for my convenience. Thanks!
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