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  1. Dear @Matt W. I use Android on my Smartphone. When I access facebook etc. I do not able to find a share button to any another media including Evernote. Since you replied I tried several times. I appreciate yr help. Many Thanks Sharona
  2. Dear DTLow I appriciate yr help u are right. This is the way to clip it. Thanks! Now I know how to share..clip a web page to my s.phone. How do I clip other pages such as from facebook etc to evernote? Thanks Sharona
  3. Hi I am a premium client. I am using Evernote also from my Smartphone. I wish to use also the clipper. When I wish to install the app it says it's for a fee. But I already payed for using Evernote as a premium. What shall I do to use the clipper successfully from my phone without paying again? Thanks a lot Sharona
  4. @jefitp ok thanks bu the way I Notice Google Keep has lots of simeler to EN What is the benefit of EN above GK I am Primum Many Thanks
  5. I didnt manage to attach at once several pic to a note (less than 10 pic) I use chrome. I tried alt+A I even tried choosing the pic and pressing ctrl or pressing arrow and then choose another one, when i moved to another one the first one wasnt kept. (I did manage doing it with Google keep). thanks
  6. Thanks. Using my computer I installed: Evernote for Android Wear nd now it does appear on the cellphone. On my device I use chrome. and tried unsuccessful to find the clipper. When i entered the gallery I could chose a pic and share via Evernote. but this is not a clip. what do you think I should do?
  7. thanks. I insalled the Evernote - stay organized, but it doesnt offer the cliper function. There is Everclip for free - of noinnion web page clipper for evernote - for fee Web page clipper Trial - Digital Life What should I do?
  8. Hi I wish to download the app to my cell. I went to Google shop and the app ask for fee. As premium, can I download it for free? How? Thanks Sharona
  9. clip mode. i can add the info. to an exiting notenook, but not to add a new one.'. Waiting for good news
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