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  1. I think the remaining killer features for Evernote for me are the ability to add content via email and extracting text from images, but haven't been doing a lot of that lately. Other than that, my workflow has become very Markdown-centric, although there's nothing stopping me from using Markdown in Evernote it just won't be rendered. I just set up Jekyll in my Github account and started taking notes in Haroopad and am comfortable just making lists of links in Markdown with my comments. Chrome has been thrashing again so I'm using Firefox and have Copy as Markdown. Link Gopher, and Snap Link
  2. Thanks to everyone for this thread I have been reading it with much interest. I was a hardcore Evernote user up until 2012 when I had started having major problems with the Web Clipper crashing Firefox or just sucking performance-wise. I have 8,874 notes in 30+ notebooks with 30+ tags. The computer that I use the most currently is a MacBook Pro recently upgraded to OS X Yosemite. Lately, I find that I use Google Chrome for a few weeks until some update makes Chrome unusable and then switch to Firefox for a few weeks until an update makes Firefox unusable. Occasionally, I will try Safari f
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