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  1. I love Evernote but I am going to start looking for a replacement unless I can encrypt my notebooks. Search, etc should happen on device only.
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    I have a ScanSnap 510m and my current flow is scan to an inbox, name/tag in OS X, then I run a script that imports into Evernote, importing the tags, name and creation date. This works because the Fujitsu flow does the OCR. Scannable would remove the need for all of that if it did the OCR. Is an in-app purchase for this feature under consideration? How would Scannable+OCR compare to a ScanSnap Evernote in that case? We don't have many documents to scan per week and frankly the idea of scanning them at the shredder is more appealing than going to/from the office.
  3. Could there be a feature in the helper that would take the current url and bring up a UI to tag the bookmark and put it into Evernote? Something more convenient than copying the URL and pasting in by hand.
  4. For some reason, when on the above system, the web clipper does nothing when trying to bookmark github.com sites. I am stuck on 10.9 for the time being, has anyone else seen this?
  5. I looked at EverMail, and it looks great but I am not comfortable signing into Evernote with their software. I would prefer if it would just import into their software via AppleEvents and let Evernote do the networking
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