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  1. @Bill Myers 2 Days ago I thought I screwed up a note on EN ios 8.2.2. Yesterday I was browsing some notes and saw them get corrupted while looking at them. Just as you describe, with the text from completely different notes. Then I realized it was not me but EN messing up my notes. I'm glad I found your messages in this thread about it. Sad thing is I'm afraid to open up EN on my ipad now and completely lose my trust in EN. I recently already downgraded backwards the desktop version (Mac OS) because of the editor bugs messing the layout of my notes, and now the ios app also starts to corrupt my notes. It's actually too stupid to be true. I just never saw it happening that a whole platform of apps as big and renowed as Evernote - storing the valuable notes of multi millions of people - take such a dive. Curious.
  2. I'm not a beta tester, just a user that's looking whether bugs I deal with are getting resolved and which effort is put into this.
  3. @DTLow: It's ***** answers like these that make it unattractive for me to waste time using the 6.11 beta and have zero trust in the bugs mentioned being solved. The arrogance in it. Like I have to show gratitude about bugs being solved. That it my privilege to waste time finding out bugs still exist or not in each new release. So I respect this JmichealTX who invested his time to list quite some bugs in 6.10 (which should be Evernotes responsibility) just to receive such ***** for an answer. Companies that deal with costumers this way, especially the beta testers, should and will vanish. And that's a pity, cause I like Evernote a lot and it's very usefull for me.
  4. @JMichealTX: thanks for listing the 6.10 bugs and pointing out 6.11 is not going to bring any relief in useablility. Just followed your downgrade instructions to 6.9.2 and am sooo relieved: I can do simple cut-and-paste between my notes again! Seems I have to sit out at least 6.10 and 6.11 with 6.9.2 to have a useable app. Pity Evernote is stumbling downhill like this.
  5. @Chuck, I experience the same thing in ios sharing to evernote is useless but since collecting/clipping/sharing to evernote is your core functionality, I feel a bit screwed as a premium paying customer with your answer. Thanks to shadiradio I use Pocket now. Maybe, instead of asking us, you can better ask the people from Pocket how they succeed where you fail and deliver something workable to your customers.
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