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  1. Really hoping ownNote can be developed further. Then you just need to look after your own data and not worry about companies going belly up.
  2. probably not allowed to do this, but there is an open source project on github which looks very similar to evernote for storing all your *cough* paperwork *cough* and it could use some open source community support to improve.
  3. Chandler: See "No Context"'s post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79342-how-to-get-rid-of-related-to-what-youre-working-on-popup/#entry334832 in thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79342-how-to-get-rid-of-related-to-what-youre-working-on-popup/ Context is a premium feature and free users having it is currently a bug, but free users have no way to turn it off because they don't have the options in the interface. You can do what No Context says in his post (edit the registry). Close Evernote client. To run regedit in Windows 8, click to the Start screen and go to the search input or swipe from the right and go to Search. Type in regedit and it will find regedit.exe. Click it. Click Yes to confirm running regedit. Browse to the location in No Context's post and edit the ShowContext value from 1 to 0. Close regedit. Open Evernote and Context should not appear again.
  4. Oh God, thank you No Context for the registry hack to stop this. Those popups were sending me batty and I've used Evernote for a couple of hours over two days while pricing work. I was ready to come on here swearing abuse so thanks for stopping me. I am also a free-user and have the constant Context balloons popping up. I made a table in my note and every time I used the arrow key to go to the next table cell the Context balloon would pop back up if that helps with finding the bugs. Using Evernote Windows Client (274061) on Windows 8.1
  5. Hi there, I also have some public notebooks on evernote. I link them from my website home.beardeddonkey.com where I also post some of the evernote content. The evernote public folder is like a 'bleeding edge' repo of any information i create. Evernote public notebooks are indeed searchable by google. You can search public evernotes by doing this at goggle: site:www.evernote.com/pub search terms here This will search all public notebooks for "search terms here" using googles search algorithms. Results will be shown like a regular google search, however when you click on the google result you will be taken to the notebook at evernote.com. once there, click "View Notebook" then at the top of the page you need to search again for the search terms to search the notebook and find the notes your search terms are in. Sorry for bumping a 2 year old topic but I find this info may be useful. Evernote should consider offering a public note search engine of their own, especially now people can collaborate using evernote. Unique and useful content as well as visitor comments are all neatly packaged in evernote's system now. We just need a way to find the content easily.
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