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  1. Greetings all, Update. I removed the offending notes from the database on my work computer, as above, and took the exported file home with me. I imported the file into the database at home and synced it back to the cloud. I have checked the database on my computer at work and everything is now back online and up to date. Sorted. That said, why is this so difficult? Evernote, you have a great product but this is letting the team down.
  2. Thanks to all that have been helping on this one. I've got some thing to try now after the input from FerociousFeline and Gazumped. Up until this month i have been throwing informaton into Evernote on the assumption that everthing would work perfectly, it's only now that i realise that nothing is perfect and one cannot assume. I am going to try exporting the enex file and importing into my MacBook database - can I do that??? This should then sync the info to the cloud and other devices. I'll start small and work back from there. The connection speed at the edge of the goat track (in Papua New Guinea) would see me old and grey before i downloaded all again. I fly home on Wednesday for a break so this may not be completed before then given my other commitments but i will update on the success or not of my efforts. Lukim yu (see you later in tok pisin)
  3. OK, to add the final update to this saga Sync to and from Evernote on the MacBook worked flawlesslySync to and from iPhone worksSync to and from iPad workSync to and from Windows laptop has persistent errors that crash the syncAll attempts at sourcing and removing the offending note(s) have ultimately been fruitlessThe error is pointing to a note that has already been removed from the database - note={25900571-e6a7-482c-94f3-a66035786971}I include the offending parts of the Activity Log in the hopes that someone from Evernote can point me in the direction of a solution05:19:02 [1168] 88% Retrieving resource, total size=619963 05:19:02 [1168] 88% * guid={4d45d4b8-8c91-4cb0-8f9b-1b912b71346f} 05:19:02 [1168] 88% * note={25900571-e6a7-482c-94f3-a66035786971} 05:19:02 [1168] 88% * resource data, size=615229 05:19:02 [1168] 88% * resource recognition data, size=4734 05:19:05 [8184] 89% Submitting a batch of 2 resource calls, size=1.1MB 05:19:05 [8184] 89% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Resource.guid" key="2a7d7e82-a7d1-49c6-978d-03a3abb7f2b2" 05:19:06 [1168] 89% Submitting a batch of 10 note calls, size=1.4MB 05:19:09 [1168] 89% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Note.guid" key="25900571-e6a7-482c-94f3-a66035786971" 05:19:12 [5452] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 05:19:12 [5452] * 6 items received 05:19:12 [5452] * elapsed time: 38sWhat is a EDAMNotFoundException? Why does the sync crash on this point and not simply accept the error and move on?I now have a Windows database that has about 75 notes that are not synced to the cloud, although i have no way of determining exactly which notes are in limbo. If it was as simple as having a list of the offending notes then i would simply export them all to an ENEX file and reimport in a functioning database. But as it is i am guaranteed to miss an important note doing it manually.HELP Evernote Developers.......
  4. FerociousFeline I am getting closer here. I tracked down one note that was causing issues using its GUID and deleted it from the systemThis meant the sync could get up to 86% before it crashedI found the next note and the problem list and from the resources list the particular photo in the note that was causing the issue.I tried deleting the photo and resync – same issueI exported the note to an enex file and then deleted it – same issue. In fact the system is still telling me the note is there. It has been deleted from the Windows machine and from the rest separately. There must be corruption in the Windows database for it to look for a file that doesn’t exist. It was removed from the trash file.Closer but still stuck with a database that will receive files from other machines but cannot sync notes created locally to the cloud. I go back to my original statement that the local database is corrupted and needs to be repaired for this to work correctly.Tonight I will try syncing my MacBook version of the DB to the cloud to see if there are any issues – if not I can definitely tell where the problem is.Wish me luck.
  5. Thanks for the response FerociousFeline, I look forward to any updates. I'd just like to add to the anomalies i am seeing in this sync issue notes created or edited on my iPhone or iPad are able to sync across all devices (including my laptop)notes created or edited on my Windows laptop are never seen on other devicesGiven that, and the information below, I'm starting to believe that the Windows version of the database has been corrupted resulting in unreadable content. It is therefore not able to share that information to the cloud. Now this may be a single note or a range of notes. I think my only option is to determine which notes are out of sync with the cloud and export them as an enex file for import again later. It's not a simple process so any input from Evernote Developers would be appreciated - hint hint. I did export a series of notes earlier and this took the sync from 47% when it crashed to 71%. Is there any way to map the GUID numbers in the activity log to a single note? Since i can see the GUID of the offending note this would certainly help. Anyone?
  6. Note I've been trying to get onto Evernote support but the page will not load correctly - Done, with Errors on page - so i cannot contact them. Another function of working at the edge of the earth.
  7. Thanks Chris I'm running the latest version of the Windows app Reading through the activity log even further i'm seeing new errors coming up, specifically about missing notes (i believe). The iPhone and iPad version of the databasse are in sync with the cloud but the Windows desktop version has a lot of notes that will not sync because of these constant failures. Now I'm in the highlands of Papua New Guinea so the internet is more of an information super goat track here, but unless i can eliminate these offending files from the database i will never be able to syncronise these notes. For example resource "7" does not exist on any of my devices or the cloud but the system is trying to download it. Can anyone offer any way of correcting this issue? 05:33:10 [3068] 74% Submitting a batch of 9 note calls, size=1.3MB 05:33:24 [3068] 74% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Note.guid" key="25900571-e6a7-482c-94f3-a66035786971" 05:33:24 [3068] 74% Retrieving 8 resources 05:33:24 [3068] 74% Retrieving resource "7" 05:33:24 [3068] 74% * guid={2a7d7e82-a7d1-49c6-978d-03a3abb7f2b2} 05:33:24 [3068] 74% Retrieving resource, total size=986124 05:33:24 [3068] 74% * guid={2a7d7e82-a7d1-49c6-978d-03a3abb7f2b2} 05:33:24 [3068] 74% * note={48d1aecc-7ee2-4789-a2d3-7e24475efa91} 05:33:24 [3068] 74% * resource data, size=985483 05:33:24 [3068] 74% * resource recognition data, size=641 05:33:24 [3068] 76% Retrieving resource "" 05:33:24 [3068] 76% * guid={c7dfc015-5546-46d6-9f27-b1e046064bff} 05:33:24 [3068] 76% Retrieving resource, total size=110420 05:33:24 [3068] 76% * guid={c7dfc015-5546-46d6-9f27-b1e046064bff} 05:33:24 [3068] 76% * note={48d1aecc-7ee2-4789-a2d3-7e24475efa91} 05:33:24 [3068] 76% * resource data, size=106132 05:33:24 [3068] 76% * resource recognition data, size=4288 05:33:29 [3068] 77% Submitting a batch of 2 resource calls, size=1.0MB 05:33:29 [3068] 77% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Resource.guid" key="2a7d7e82-a7d1-49c6-978d-03a3abb7f2b2" 05:34:19 [2636] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
  8. Syncing my account shows a sync error icon at the top of the screen but there is no way to know which Note is causing the problem. I have generated a lot of content on my desktop and only some of it is being synced to the cloud. I can generated and sync all content on my iPad and iPhone using the same wireless connection. There seems to be an issue with notes created using the web clipper predominantly but not exclusively. What used to be a rock solid platform is now extremely unreliable. Can you define a marker for notes that have not synced or provide a dropdown list of the notes in error so they can be investigated and corrected? How else do i fix this problem? I have cleared my Trash folder in the hopes that the errror was ther but to no avail. Here is the offending lines from the Activity Log, everything upstream of this apears to be syncing correctly. 06:12:35 [5964] 42% Submitting a batch of 10 note calls, size=1.2MB 06:12:36 [13912] 42% Submitting a batch of 17 note calls, size=1.3MB 06:13:32 [13912] 42% No more data to read. 06:13:55 [5964] 42% No more data to read. 06:13:58 [13436] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 06:13:58 [13436] * 4 items received 06:13:58 [13436] * elapsed time: 1m 36s Rod
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