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  1. Well, after looking at explanation of how the "largest smallest" dimensions determine which image becomes the thumbnail, it makes more sense from a development standpoint as that is a simpler approach than letting the user choose their image -- but from a usability standpoint -- who really wants to see a bunch of banner ads attached to their notes in the list views -- images that have nothing to do whatsoever with the content of the note?

    I am still shocked that nobody has addressed this with users for the last 3 years people seem to have been asking for it.

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  2. WOW!!!!

    I decided to try Evernote after having abandoned the idea several years ago.

    Within 15 minutes of starting to use it I began to wonder how I can change the thumbnail image represented on notes -- because web clippings are pulling in BANNER ADS to append to the note thumbnails.

    Then I started reading all these threads about how people have been requesting this feature for several years and being ignored.

    I'm done with Evernote now for good -- after a single hour of playing around with it.


    Just thought I'd throw that in there. It typically doesn't take me long to reject apps based on completely stupid UI decisions -- and this is just another example.

    I'm beyond shocked that the whole point of Evernote is to organize your notes -- and it doesn't even let you choose a thumbnail image???

    I am a UI developer who maintains a very large web app. One of the features of this app is the ability to scrape content such as articles from sites and pull it into our system. We give our users a left / right arrow to CHOOSE which image represents their content instead of doing all this hogwash to have a ROBOT try and figure out what the user wants.

    How about just let the USER choose what the USER wants to do? It is much simpler from a development standpoint AND makes the users happy too. We even let them CROP the damn images before they are imported into our system. I mean, this is standard fare, considering that's also how FACEBOOK works.

    How the imbiciles who threw this app together can't figure THAT out just shows me this app will get on my nerves even more if I tried to use it for a week.

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