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  1. I concur with the idea that being able to indent checklists or ANY text reliably for that matter would be extremely helpful.

    However, I've noticed that whenever I find a bug or serious flaw in Evernote — such as the DEPLORABLE text editing capabilities — you will find tons of forum posts about it going back 5+ years.

    They obviously don't give a *****.

    Sticking to the subject at hand — I still can't fathom why a NOTE TAKING application would not have a decent indenting capability when even the MOST BASIC text editors do it well.

    There are FREE and OPEN SOURCE text editing software packs that do the job 1,000 times better — such as TinyMCE and I am sure there are options for whatever the underlying source code is for this application.

    I am not looking for a full featured Microsoft Word text editor — but Evernote is so terrible as even the most basic text editor that I'd rather use PICO in the OS X terminal than this garbage, and I'm a paid user (for other reasons).

    The minute I find another app that does this well and I can use for my note taking workflow needs I am ditching Evernote.

  2. Yeah, the danger I see with this already is that while the desktops of several computers I use shall be clean, and my google drive less messy -- I'll end up with a digital closet that looks like an episode of "Hoaders" with this.

    I ran into one glitch with copy / pasting some notes from a plain text file into an ever-note already but then on the plus side, I can already think of one scenario that would have been useful to me recently in regards to having quick access to some PDF files I typically need to find on their source web site(s) whenever I need to reference them, so I can see this being useful. I already keep most of my "notes" for things in a google drive, but this seems to be a step up from that.


    I read a couple of lifehacker articles about things people are doing with EN that were a little bit outside of the box and it inspired me to give it another shot. I tried it a few years back and just couldn't get into it.

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  3. LOL -- I guess I am passionate about good UI experiences. I am going to give it an honest try because I think the benefits outweigh the things that "irritate" me before I slam the door shut. There is no such thing as a perfect system that makes EVERYONE happy in every way, and developer should make that his/her goal either.


    I'm a visual person and can agree with people in here who say being able to choose which image they'd like for the note will help them spot it in a list view (which is the whole point of having one).

    It would not be hard, since they already scrape the content to find all the images in the first place -- to create an easy way for a user to simply choose which one to use, or disable it.

    I know the goal of the "everything bucket" concept of having a place for "digital hoarders" to keep their stuff somewhat organized isn't to make eveything "pretty" -- but I think there's a wider benefit than being able to choose "eye candy" for your notes here.

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  4. Well, after looking at explanation of how the "largest smallest" dimensions determine which image becomes the thumbnail, it makes more sense from a development standpoint as that is a simpler approach than letting the user choose their image -- but from a usability standpoint -- who really wants to see a bunch of banner ads attached to their notes in the list views -- images that have nothing to do whatsoever with the content of the note?

    I am still shocked that nobody has addressed this with users for the last 3 years people seem to have been asking for it.

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  5. WOW!!!!

    I decided to try Evernote after having abandoned the idea several years ago.

    Within 15 minutes of starting to use it I began to wonder how I can change the thumbnail image represented on notes -- because web clippings are pulling in BANNER ADS to append to the note thumbnails.

    Then I started reading all these threads about how people have been requesting this feature for several years and being ignored.

    I'm done with Evernote now for good -- after a single hour of playing around with it.


    Just thought I'd throw that in there. It typically doesn't take me long to reject apps based on completely stupid UI decisions -- and this is just another example.

    I'm beyond shocked that the whole point of Evernote is to organize your notes -- and it doesn't even let you choose a thumbnail image???

    I am a UI developer who maintains a very large web app. One of the features of this app is the ability to scrape content such as articles from sites and pull it into our system. We give our users a left / right arrow to CHOOSE which image represents their content instead of doing all this hogwash to have a ROBOT try and figure out what the user wants.

    How about just let the USER choose what the USER wants to do? It is much simpler from a development standpoint AND makes the users happy too. We even let them CROP the damn images before they are imported into our system. I mean, this is standard fare, considering that's also how FACEBOOK works.

    How the imbiciles who threw this app together can't figure THAT out just shows me this app will get on my nerves even more if I tried to use it for a week.

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