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  1. One more bug.
    In the desktop version you can hit a carriage return to continue adding new lines with the checkbox already inserted.
    However in the even worse web version you not only can't do this same behavior but pressing the checkbox button adds TWO checkboxes and sometimes indents the line fore no reason. When you go to delete the indent (which is a series of spaces) you end up getiting weird behavior where items in front of the cursor are being deleted along with items behind the cursor.

    Sometimes the items behind the cursor won't delete.

    I mean SERIOUSLY


    I have never seen a company fail so miserably at the most basic functionality of their product.

  2. I finally DITCHED my paid Evernote description and will stick with the free version from now on.

    I have already started migrating tasks from Evernote into new apps so that I can eventually say goodbye to this bug-riddled piece of trash.

    Go ahead fan-boys and tell me what a JERK I am for pointing out how half of the threads in this user forum are now people talking about leaving the platform.

    Not that anyone in this company cares, but when I say that Evernote is BY FAR the absolute WORST text editor on the face of the earth, I'm not kidding.

    Each version of evernote (web / old desktop version / new desktop version / android / windows) are just awful. And not one of them works good as a SIMPLE TEXT EDITOR.

    How can you people seriously claim to be the best note taking software out there when your text editor cannot even perform BASIC FUNCTIONS.

    I spent 20 minutes trying to make a BASIC CHECKLIST WORK in the web version of Evernote tonight and here is what I found.

    1. When you place a checkbox next to a line of text sometimes it creates an indent and sometimes it doesn't. No rhyme or reason why,
    2. If you are using the arrow keys to navigate your list, once your cursor goes behind the checkbox, pressing the right arrow key does NOTHING and will not advance the cursor.
    3. No explanation of why carriage returns sometimes drop a single line and sometimes drop 2 lines. There's no way to control this and no way to figure out why it chooses one over the other.
    4. The delete key produces all kinds of random behavior as to what it will actually delete
    5. When you hit CMD-Z to "undo" something, the page randomly jumps up several screens in height — not to the top, but to just some random place making it very difficult to get back

    I could write 10 more that I found tonight just from this but after half an hour trying to make a simple list of 10 items without being able to control any of this formatting nonsense or use the cursor properly I tossed this app in the trash once again.

    I will be doing checklists in another app vs wasting my productive time trying to work around one bug after the next in this horrible software.

    I sincerely hope you lose enough paid customers to go out of business.

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  3. Thanks to all the people who are compiling lists of Evernote replacements.

    Evernote was such a huge part of my life that stopping cold turkey isn't an option — but I am finding that instead of looking for a ONE SIZE FITS ALL replacement, I am having better luck finding individual apps to handle specific things I used to do in Evernote.

    It may end up costing me more money per year to utilize multiple apps for what I used to do in Evernote — but I have already made progress ditching this piece of trash.

    "Workflowy" — https://workflowy.com/

    I have replaced ALL of my Evernote checklists with this app pretty gracefully.

    Evernote has always been, and continues to be the ABSOLUTE WORST TEXT EDITOR I HAVE EVER USED IN MY LIFE.

    I cannot sit here and list how many reasons it's absolutely TERRIBLE but even for simple things like EDITING A CHECKLIST Evernote has become more of a burden than a solution. I spend more time ***** around with all of the stupid horrible bugs in this garbage text editor of theirs than I do MAKING A LIST and CROSSING THINGS OFF of said list.

    And when you consider that Evernote is an app primarily built to HELP YOU TAKE NOTES — combined with it being the absolute worst text editor in the history of text editing — and I have used everything from NOTEPAD and everything else you can imagine. Nothing makes me cringe than the dumb garbage Evernote will do to your TEXT in your notes.

    Evernote was a big improvement from Google Spreadsheets for various reaons, including being able to NEST checklists with indents and bullets — albeit so long as Evernote's deplorable text editor would allow you to do so. This was helpful for several of my packing lists where I want to create a "bag within a bag within a box" approach — where each bag within a bag is a nested set of bullets / checkboxes.

    Workflowy supports this kind of nesting right out of the box and so far it has been SUPER easy to maintain and re-use my packing checklists when I am doing a re-pack or inventory of boxes with hundreds of items, and "boxes within bags within boxes within boxes" situations. SMOOTH AS SILK and has yet to give me a problem I could not find a solution for (mostly because I am new to the software).

    So I will no longer be using Evernote for any kind of packing or checklist ever again.

    I will no longer be using Evernote for "impromptu slide shows" either. I just jumped back to Keynote and keeping my files synchronized in a cloud drive at this point.

    I am a UX Designer for a living — and I get asked the question all the time "What is the worst software you've ever used?" 

    And my answer to this question every single time has been "Evernote."

    It's time to DITCH this piece of trash and let this company die.

  4. I get that software development is hard. It's what I do for a living. This is how I know that their sloppy BS is due to a lack of proper testing, and the project managers cramming in one "new feature" after the next, without any regard for quality. That's how it is at 90% of software companies now. I'm ditching this whole career because I can't stand it.

    Just last weekend I ended up with 5 copies of the same f-ing note all labeled "conflict" with ZERO way to tell which one is which other than using a f-ing DIFF MERGE tool outside of evernote to figure out which pieces of text I need to keep from each of these 4 files.

    You cannot edit a note on Android that you've edited somewhere else without it creating a conflict.

    Now I have to make a new F-ING NOTE to make a NOTE TO MYSELF to "ADD THIS NOTE to your OTHER NOTE when you're at a laptop" instead of trying to edit a note directly with the android app.

    That's completely unacceptable and I guarantee you that this thread will be 10+ years long and 900 pages of complaints about that broken bug alone without this company bothering to fix it.

  5. The reason most of the apps you use are broken are...

    1. The definition of "MVP" has changed from "Most Valuable Player" to "Minimum Viable Product" and that is the stated goal of all software teams now.

    2. They fired all of their testers and replaced them with customers. The apps get released full of bugs because some manager said it would be ok.

    3. They replaced their customer support with a "user forum" where a bunch of unpaid "fan boys" do it for free instead.

    Big Tech has been infiltrated by communists, so what you are witnessing is what happens when communism takes over an industry. Individuals with good ideas, attention to detail, and skills are pushed out of the market — or are talented enough that they just quit that environment and go off to do something worthy of their gifts.

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  6. I have a premium account but I don't have time to deal with some tech support douche in India reading a script from his screen when I can do a google search to bring up the same result he/she got.

    I did dump the app, empty the cache, data, re-installed it.

    The app is still a broken hot mess — BUT it does seem to allow me to open a note and make an edit without creating an automatic conflict and saving a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, copy of the note.

    However notes take up to a minute to load, EVEN when they are marked as offline notes. In fact sometimes they never appear and you have to go back, click again, go back, click again over and over until it finally loads the note.

    Notes with images in them? FORGET IT...

    Notes with images in them no longer load on the android app.

    Have a note that you placed a FILE INTO so that you could download said file on another device?

    FORGET IT — they removed the ability to download the attached file to a note, all you can do is click on it and view it.

    There are so many things in my workflow that Evernote has TRASHED in the last few months that I've already made some progress shifting the burden of some of my workflow onto other apps.

    I don't think there is ONE suitable replacement for Evernote — BUT if I seek a good replacement for each individual use-case I rely on Evernote for I am pretty sure I will be happier in the end — especially when I am not paying Evernote to keep making their software worse.

  7. The fact that the review panel on the Google Play store is a never-ending scrolling list of ONE STAR reviews now *(and people complaining about the same problems I am) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Evernote knows their app is a pile of junk and that they have ZERO intention of caring about it (as usual).

    The app has just gotten to the point they finally motivated me to move on — but this tool has been an integral part of my workflow for over 10 years so that's not an easy task.

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  8. Evernote for Android has been rendered completely useless to me since the latest updates, starting 2 or 3 months ago,.

    I mean so completely broken at the most basic level I am astounded that they released it.

    Notes take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to open — IF they open at all.

    These could be OFFLINE notes, online notes (with a 200mbps connection speed), or starting a NEW note.

    More than half the time I have to keep going back, tapping the note again, going back, tapping again 3 or 4 times to get a note to open.

    THEN if I open ANY existing note for ANY reason and make ANY edit to it whatsoever...


    So now I have at least 3 copies of every single note file I ever open in the app.

    It has gotten so bad that if I have a note file I need to APPEND and all I have is my phone — I have to open a NEW NOTE to make a NOTE TO MYSELF to APPEND THE F-ING NOTE when I am at my laptop running a stable version of Evernote.

    You guys totally F-D me on a project with this nonsense and I am finally ditching this paid account and migrating to a new note taking suite.

    Evernote is complete GARBAGE.

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  9. Ever since upgrading to the newest version of Evernote, as a paid user for several years.

    I am ditching this broken piece of trash for good,.

    My god, I don't even know where to begin. As a UX manager to begin with, there is ZERO chance the product team at Evernote isn't fully aware that they are releasing completely useless, bug-riddled trash whenever they push out an update.

    Let's see, in half an hour today I found 4 or 5 notes that will not open on the Android app. All I get is a blank page whenever I try and view the contents. One or two of these are OFFLINE notes. The Android app is unbearably slow.

    Aside from that, I edited a note today that is VERY long (been working on this file for weeks), Now when I log into Evernote there are 4 copies of the SAME file, each with different versions of itself, all conflicted, with no chance of me being able to decipher which of these files has which parts I edited today. Now I have to manually dig through this file in order to pick out the unique and most up-to-date parts of it. This is flat out unacceptable.

    Aside from the fact that the Evernote text editor is the absolute text editing tool in the HISTORY of text editing tools ever created, and the fact this app is so riddled with bugs and horrible user experiences, I am ditching it and I will never pay for this service again.

    Evernote continues to be my #1 example for every "What is the example of a company with the WORST User Experience you've ever seen?”

    There's no contest that Evernote wins that contest every time.

    I am sure there are a lot of "fan boys" who will jump all over me for saying these things, but I don't care. If this company had any concerns for their users they would not issue such a garbage product to us.

    I am simply looking for alternatives to migrate away from Evernote over the next few months so I can uninstall and shut it down for good!

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  10. That button set doesn't exist at all in the version of the app I am using.

    I have way too many demos going on this week to go switch version  numbers right now.

    And now I know why I hate the Windows version so much that I've been using — assuming the Windows is now on version 10 and is a lot different.

    After my current deadlines wrap up and I have some breathing room I am going to try out the newest mac version and probably come back here to complain about something new.

  11. I am using 7.14 and it still exists. It has existed for YEARS and still gives me problems.

    I am sure it will exist in version 234922.344432 because they never fix ANYTHING with this app.

    I have random notes all the time where you can no longer right-click and "annotate this image" anymore.
    It won't show up in the menu.

    But then I can start a new note or go to another note and it works just fine.

  12. I captured and pasted every image in this note exactly the same way. On half of them there's no possible way to see "annotate image" — it just doesn't show up in any menus.

    On the other half of the images, you can right-click on them and annotate them just like you're supposed to be able to.

    Figured I'd open a thread so people can complain for 10 years while it doesn't get fixed.

  13. Just more garbage from this ever increasingly terrible app...

    Today I have a note in the mac application with a bunch of screenshot images and now I am finding that "annotate image" no longer appears when right clicking on half of the images in this note file — but if I close the note, come back to it SOMETIMES I can select annotate and then I can right-click again and that option is no longer available.

    So I guess the ability to draw a friggin arrow on a screenshot is something I have to once again do in Photoshop?

    Combined with the fact the web application keeps deleting updates to notes without auto-saving them as I work this is crippling me right now.

    I am very actively looking at replacing this app. I've been a paid customer for years but Evernote is on the VERY TOP of my list when I give user experience presentations as a UX architect as one of the most broken piece of garbage apps I've ever used which continues getting worse by the week. There are a few more but Evernote is the #1 buggiest piece of software I use and it would take me a week to document everything I find broken in the app if I were to create a forum thread for each.

    The facts are that most of the bugs I find have forum threads going back 10+ years of people complaining about the same broken feature.

    I assume the developers at this company hate their jobs.

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  14. I am being a lot more careful how I interact with this. I literally need to real-time interact in the same note between my personal mac and the corporate POS Dell they gave me.

    I already have to be careful not to introduce note conflicts by hitting refresh on my mac when I switch — and I notice that MOST times if I hit refresh on my mac after making a change on the PC (browser) side the changes save AND sync properly. But not every time.

    I can deal with note conflicts if I create them by being careful, but when the notes simply don't save it completely destroys my workflow.

    The only problems I am having is if I spend a few minutes modifying the note on the windows machine (or creating a new note) I can work for a period of time and find that nothing I did was saved. The proper fix would either be to introduce a specific "SAVE" button in the web UI to CONFIRM that your stuff is saving — because in the current implementation I have absolutely no idea of knowing if what I did was saved or not.

    I've lost notes at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks and there is nothing I can point to as "steps to reproduce" the bug other than "just use it for awhile and you'll see it happen to yourself."

    If I could install the desktop app on this garbage corporate Dell I would be fine but for users who are in my situation you're pretty much screwed.

    I am basically in a situation where I have to use a personal machine to do my work because the horrible IT department at this place won't give me any equipment, access, or tools I need to do the job — but they gave me some 10 year old piece of junk Dell so I can access certain things behind firewalls they will not allow me to access with my own device.

    Plus I have to run a VPN on my personal mac to get around 90% of the internet being blocked by them — and I am using evernote to keep my notes AND to transfer things I need between machines.

  15. I am currently working for a company where I need to use a corporate laptop to interact with my Evernote account and cannot install the native app.

    I have lost a TON of notes over the last 2 weeks because the web app is completely hit or miss when it comes to actually saving my notes.

    It's absolutely ridiculous. I've spent upwards of 20 minutes entering text into a note only to have all of my work vanish upon a page refresh or when opening up the native app on any of my devices.

    I've spent enough time trying to determine if it is just a situation unique to myself, or if it is a systemic issue. Every web browser I interact with my evernote account with behaves this same way. The web app is therefore completely useless to me. If I cannot trust that my updates are being saved then it is not worth my time to use the app.

    Considering that searches throughout this forum show that people have been complaining about this issue for 10+ years — I will just assume that once again, Evernote doesn't care at all about their users. I can add this new issue I am having to the list of HUNDREDS of bugs I find in the app which people have been complaining about for the last decade.

    This is the reason I am trying out new software and as soon as I find a suitable replacement for my needs I am ditching Evernote as fast as I can.

    In the meantime I would like to know if anyone has a solution for this problem but I am not going to hold my breath waiting for an acceptable answer.

  16. I just updated to 6.12.3 from 6.10 on os x 10.13 yesterday and Evernote is basically borked now.

    It runs, but it is so incredibly slow that it is borderline unusable. Loading notes when selecting one from the side used to happen instantly. Now I get the stupid loading graphic and it takes up to 5 seconds to load a note.

    I deleted an empty note and it remained visible in the list until I restarted the app.

    Several times I have started the app and had to force quit because it will not get past the loading spinner.

    Just seems like Evernote keeps getting worse with age, and combined with the problems I've had since day one (and people have been posting in forums about bugs since 2009 which have yet to be fixed) — it makes me wonder how much longer this app will be around.

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  17. There are reasons I pay to use Evernote premium. There are a lot of good features, but the BASICS of the app are garbage.

    If I made a forum post for every bug I found I may as well be a paid tester or QA person on your staff. I could fill up your Jira board with 1,000 tickets in a month.

    It's the broken haphazard user experience across the app in so many places that leave me frustrated.

    Just trying to make a basic packing list for a camping trip using checklists turns into a nightmare if you're trying to use a phone and the OS X app in tandem.

    Nested checklists and simple indenting that works properly is just one of the gripe related to that.

    My kids listening to me swear like a pirate and bang my fist on the desk when trying to make the most basic of text edits is testimony to that.

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  18. Quote

    My view of notes is: a short piece of writing that gives you information : a brief comment or explanation.

    If I need word processing features, I use a dedicated word processing app

    Exactly. And who would a note taking application allow me to drag and drop PDFs and images into the application, OCR scan the images making the text within them searchable, and then allow me to prepare a slide show presentation from those notes...

    But indenting and editing text is way beyond the capabilities of our developers.

    Of course I should have known the fan boys are gonna pounce on my troll post. At least that keeps pushing it to the top where someone who gives a ***** about usability might take my comments (and the comments of thousands of people) seriously.

    If hundreds of people have taken the time to complain about this in the forums then thousands have been angry enough to just drop the app instead.

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